Comment of the Day: They Get Around in That Part of Town

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THEY GET AROUND IN THAT PART OF TOWN “. . . Welcome to the East End, where humble homes like you are still welcome (for now). And within walking distance of both MetroRail AND Elbow and Nipple. Take a train or fix a drain.” [Dana-X, commenting on Chapter 2: The Little Gibson St. Bungalow Finds a New Home]

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  • I’d still rather jump into an open sewer at an enchilada festival with a paper cut on my nipple than to live in that part of town.

  • I think i’ll suggest an enchilada festival at the next Greater East End Civic Association meeting.

  • I will come to your enchilada festival!

  • @commonsense: Good. Don’t.

    An enchilada festival sounds delightful, though.

  • commonsense, where do you live? Probably missed it in a past comment…

  • Lived near Montrose for a few years, couldn’t escape fast enough from that circuis. Now chasing peacocks in Piney Point.

  • I rent in Montrose at the moment, but the East End is the only one of the three where I can afford to buy. Looks like I’ll be dining at the enchilada festival for the forseeable future!