Comment of the Day: Those McMansions Are Giving Timbergrove a Needed Lift

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THOSE MCMANSIONS ARE GIVING TIMBERGROVE A NEEDED LIFT “Those pics for the Shirkmere listing show some example samples of McMansions in Timbergrove and the floors appear to all be raised 3-4 feet above grade. I like those simple 50s homes but, considering the flood potential, the raised McMansions are an upgrade of the neighborhood in more ways than 1.” [Dana-X, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Trulley, Madly, Deeply]

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  • was going to move in that area, but the sewage smell that permeates from the “pump” station @ Bryce and 11th is unbearable. I guess it ONLY happens when it rains……

  • Those of us who have not built up are not so enthused about extra fill in the floodplain. The more responsible owners have the house on piers.

  • Apparently, the only seeming criterion for declaring something historic on this board is that it be of a certain age. Forget about functionality, economics, architectural merit, etc……also, why vent your outrage at the new owner? Go after the seller. He or she is the one creating all these opportunities for heartache.

  • The above comment was meant for the Schaeur Filling Station story. My error.

  • @swampy, the smell happens regardless of weather.

    @freddyrun, if they use fill, isn’t there a corresponding removal somewhere nearby? I agree that piers are a better choice.