Comment of the Day: Top Ramen Coverage, but Your Other Noodles Leave Me Cold

COMMENT OF THE DAY: TOP RAMEN COVERAGE, BUT YOUR OTHER NOODLES LEAVE ME COLD Drawing of Ramen“Another ramen story, Swamplot? Why so much attention on ramen while udon gets nothing?? Udon is part of Houston, too, you know.” [Memebag, commenting on Seattle Ramen House Samurai Noodle Coming to Cottage Grove Strip Center] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Honestly—who choses these C of D’s?– are they not suppose to generate a discussion?? Who cares about Ramen?– all the comments I read today this was about the most inane. It’s just a simple observation that generates no real discussion. If you’re going to bother having these, at least pick one that will create comments and is actually the best most I treasuring comment of the day–whomever choses these need reassignment –seriously~

  • Udon beats Ramen any day of the week.

  • For once I agree w Shannon. Why don’t we start commenting on breast feeding? It has about as much relevance on a real estate blog.

  • Shannon – You seem to be upset by Comment Of The Day quite often. It’s not that serious.

  • Cody—then call it random, inane comment, picked so LuLu can scribble a sketch, but don’t represent it as the most interesting comment of that day–it’s annoying –this Comment is hardly worthy of a Real Estate Blog much less a “Comment of the Day”—any day….seriously, get someone else to pick these or call them something else—

  • Great comment, udon forevah.

  • Actually I found this comment a quite clever/funny riposte to the previous debate on what part of Houston Real Estate actually counts as Houston Real Estate.

    As upset as you seem to get on this blog, I hope (for your heart’s sake) you don’t ever read about anything that is actually important.

  • My question is: how can you have so many Comments of the Day that generate zero or one comment. Doesn’t anyone at Swamplot find this to be a problem? Aren’t Comments of the Day suppose to be the most interesting, thought provoking or provocative in order to create interest in order to generate comments. It’s suppose to highlight the best comment of the day and if that folds nicely into a LuLu scribble then so be it, but that is certainly not how it presently.

  • Here’s a guide to blogs: the blog owner/writer gets to decide what goes up at COTD. That’s normally the way it goes.

  • Shannon, you need to start your own RE blog and get over yourself. You piss and moan about EVERYTHING.

  • Sorry. My comment is clearly not going to generate a discussion.

    I still totally dig udon.

  • Karma, you and I never agree, which is ironic since I have developed such good Karma. It’s hilarious all these people who all of the sudden have popped up to day how witty and urbane this comment is and how they just had to comment on it’s uniqueness and earth shattering relevance–I have a feeling this is the staff of Swamplot, but of course we will ever know since you’re allowed to use any name you want one here and nobody has a clue who you actually are –LuLu is probably Karma

  • Shannon: complains that COD does not cause discussion.

    Discussion ensues.

  • Shannon, have you stopped to consider that you may just be butthurt because you sit behind that computer screen day in and day out refreshing hourly the Swamplot home page, and you comment so frequently (often the first commenter!) with what you consider a thoughtful response, yet your comments are so rarely selected as the CotD? Has any of your useless drivel ever been selected as the CotD? Methinks with each new CotD your ego gets a little more bruised. Remember: you’re angry with yourself and not with (G)us.

  • Exactly –the only discussion on here was really reactions to comment –and most of those were probably bent out of shape Swamplot staffers. All the love to you guys, but seriously, Gus—come on–Ramen???!

  • Oh for sure! I’m jealous of this neophyte and his Ramen C of the Day—oh poo–look, I really don’t care that they never pick me, I mean come on, I’ve offended them all, I’m sure LuLu has a voodoo doll with my face on it, so I’m cool
    with that –I just would like better C of D’s that add to the discussion and are actually about architecture or real estate—anyway, off to the gym–oh and I always use my iPhone, not a computer, just sayin’

  • And Haley, though I laughed at a lot of you said it was true and funny–the insults were not–maybe you need to call yourself out, some of the things you said were pretty nasty–I mean come on, we all love Swamplot and I can get worked up, but your insults were really kinda mean spirited –this is just a blog –don’t read my comments, that’s fine, I’m fine with that, no need to get personal.

  • @Shannon
    I’m sure LuLu isn’t the only one. Hopefully one day you’ll learn how unimportant your opinion is and relinquish the desire to constantly subject it to the readers of this blog. This blog, which I might add, is doing a fine job without your editorial opinion.

  • I’m sure we all, I for one, can do without your opinion as well–I’ve never even seen you blog on here, tho really you could be anyone. I appreciate that Swamplot allows to blog on their site, I enjoy it, the fact you don’t is inconsequential to me, if you don’t Iike my comments, skip them, I skip over people all the time, like I will skip over you in the future. I have the right to my opinion, thankfully we don’t live in Stalinist Russia. I find it ironic that the prople that seem so bent out of shape about my opinion are so free and spiteful about their feelings about me, it’s the height of Hypocracy, thought they’re so self rightous they’d never see it that way. Bullying is never a pretty thing, neither is self righteous posturing.

  • Why does the COTD have to engender discussion? Sometimes they are just amusing, or the best of a dreary day.

  • >you sit behind that computer screen day in and day out refreshing hourly the Swamplot home page

    I do this; I’m happy with my one COTD :)

  • Oh boo hoo, Shannon. Someone calls you out, and you get bent out of shape; none of these comments even compare to half your “adnoisium” vitriolic rants – and seriously, put down your poor, constantly blamed iPhone and take a walk.
    A Putlizer Prize was never a prerequisite for CotD. Just sayin’.

  • Someone once told me that if you walk through life seeing nothing but problems then you’re probably the real problem.

  • Shannon, you do piss and moan a LOT and I have nothing to do with Swamplot aside form being an infrequent commenter. You say you enjoy it but all of your griping really makes it seem otherwise. You can always start your own blog if you want to select the COTD’s that you think are worthy.

  • I bet if Shannon hadn’t derailed the conversation immediately, we’d have a thoughtful discussion on the sometimes subtle differences of Udon and Ramen. Perhaps, it would have even had more comments. Oh well.

  • @Shannon: Actually, I always just use “Lulu” if I make any comments on Swamplot.