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COMMENT OF THE DAY: TRUST THE WEBSITE “I live in a bungalow in cottage grove . . . since 2005. [7677 Homes] bought the house in 8/2006. We have paid our rent on time and have asked SEVERAL times even as short of time as 3 months ago (when I saw land being surveyed next door) if they had plans on doing something with our home. They reassured me no worries the market is bad and we would give you 90 days to 6 month notice before doing that. Told me how well we have always paid, yada yada yada, well guess what found out Saturday they have plans on demolishing the house, only after we had to pay 155.00 so we could have heat, we have a 4 yr old in the house. They gave us 30 days to move (verbally) . . . and ofered us “another” house for 200 more a month, and failed to tell me it is listed as being demolished as well. I really thought the men were nice when we met them, but to do this behind our backs when we asked them to please give us alot of notice. Sad thing is, it is Christmas, times are hard, and they have had our house on their website to demolish since September and we never knew it or else we could have had all this time to save money to move. . . .” [Susan Dugas, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Truck Tired]

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  • Well that just sucks. I don’t know why 7677 Homes is demolishing another house in Cottage Grove since they have a massive collection of lots (cleared) that go from Kiam to Kansas along Sherwin. That’s two corners on a section of Cottage Grove that is just far enough from the freeway and trains so you don’t hear them to bother you. Sherwin also provides very quick access to I-10/Washington Ave.

    If the renters have a contract/renter’s agreement, they’ll have legal recourse. If they don’t and went on verbal, they don’t have much recourse.

    The reason they are waiting to do it now is so that next year’s taxes would show an empty lot with no home on it. The demolition permit would be there proof to HCAD.

  • @kjb: When a single-family property’s market value reflects only the lot value, the value of improvements are classified as an economic misimprovement and can easily be protested down to $100…even if the improvements retain some utility as evidenced by physical occupancy or rental income.
    Given that 7677 Homes was able to realize rental income and would have to sacrifice some of that in the case of an early demolition and given that they could have easily protested the value of the improvements down to practically nothing, it is not apparent that a strategic demolition would be called for.

  • Don’t forget about the empty lots up in Sunset Heights too, near 22nd, 23rd, 24th, etc.

    I agree with the previous post – if they have a signed rental agreement, there’s usually a clause about needing 30 days written notice to evict someone. There are some pretty strict laws about that too.

  • You need to get the termination in writing from them asap. Also, if you have a written lease, then I would suggest you get legal help. Good luck.

  • Oooh “misimprovement” is a handy term.

    I feel bad for Susan: I have space up in Montgomery County if you need it. It’s a short hike to the Park’n’Ride.

  • I would start looking for something else – the only thing the landlord is required to do is give you 30 days notice in writing unless you have a current lease agreement that has a termination date although if it has a clause in it that allows them to terminate the lease with 30 days notice then you have no basis to fight it.

  • Thanks for the offer movocelot, that is very kind of you, but we need to stay close to Houston for my husbands job. Happy New Year to All!