Comment of the Day: Visions of a Freeway Lined with Office Buildings

COMMENT OF THE DAY: VISIONS OF A FREEWAY LINED WITH OFFICE BUILDINGS “I live in the area and I think it’s a big improvement on a used car lot. I would love to see the remaining car dealerships gradually moved away and a continuous strip of mid/high rises from Memorial City to Hwy 6. Now that would be a true ‘Energy Corridor.’” [outwest, commenting on A New 17-Story Office Tower Just Like the Others in the Energy Corridor] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I’ve always thought we should start lining our freeways with buildings instead of strip malls, if only to improve the city’s aesthetics.

    If all you ever see of Houston is the freeway (and unfortunately, that’s what a lot of visitors/tourists tend to see) then you’d probably think that Houston consisted of nothing but ugly strip malls. You really have to get off the freeways to see Houston’s natural beauty, but by then the damage is done (first impressions are everything, after all).

  • The thought of how much (more) of a parking lot I-10 would become scares me.

  • Seriously??–this is your comment of the day???–mediocre buildings of dubious design is better than used car lots in mediocre buildings of dubious design???

  • New motto for Houston:

    “Houston: Getting a little bit better every time!”

  • Highrises might help diminish the roar of the freeway in the adjacent neighborhoods, which would be good.