Comment of the Day: We’re All in This Together

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER “I know it is not at all related to the willowick project above, but I’ve got a ‘good’ story about this type townhome. A friend of mine’s folks own one out in the Kirkwood and I-10 area. They are ex-pats and live outside the US 10+ mo a year, so it stays empty or is used by family in town. So cousins show up to use it for a few days and find all the kitchen cabinets all open, the doors won’t close, and cracks in all the walls. The old lady two doors down decided to have her foundation done. The problem is she shares that foundation with a few homes. She didn’t mention it to anyone and well, the rest is history. Still waiting to see how they clean that one up. Also surprised that a foundation company would do the work in the first place.” [MH005, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Bus Stop Stop]

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  • I own such a town home and that both shocks and scares me! Why would someone DO that?

  • A friend of mine’s folks own one out in the Kirkwood and I-10 area.

    The grammar almost makes me break out in a rash

  • I Am Not A Lawyer, but it seems to me that the owners ought to be able to get some compensation from both the irresponsible neighbor and the idiot foundation repair business.

  • My understanding is that they are going the unamerican route of trying for a peaceful negotiation before they bring in the lawyers. But yes, they are talking to the old lady neighbor, her contractor son (who set it all up for her), and the foundation company.

    These units are part of a three’s company townhome foundation. The owners knew that the foundation had settled, but it had done so fairly evenly, so they did not see a reason to deal with it. Now they do.

  • ‘Old lady’ … I’m not even involved in this matter but I take offense. Why not just say owner two doors down?

  • I’m with Amy.
    It seems like her contractor should have know better.

  • Amy & Sally:

    The good part is, if the original poster lives long enough, he/she will be one of those old people too!

    While I don’t take personal offense at that type remark, I do chalk it up to ignorance.

    I agree that the son/contractor messed up. He should share the responsibility.

  • Grammar police are out in riot gear today!

  • if we’re dropping objective descriptors from now on i say we go with the “nightmarish” neighbor two doors down.

    anyhow, massive litigation is definitely in order. i wonder if there’s any responsibility on the homeowners part for signing off a contract to perform work on property she’s only a shared title owner to or if it all falls on the contractor for performing obviously shoddy work. i’d certainly imagine our courts wouldn’t be good at finding adequate financial recourse regardless though