Comment of the Day: We’re All Intruders Here

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WE’RE ALL INTRUDERS HERE “Now, if I lived next to it . . . I would be vocally opposing it based on its proximity to me, but I have to say, those of you living near its proposed location were on the WalMart end not too long ago, changing the quality of life for many of your neighbors with your big stucco three and four story homes going in next to small bungalows. So, while you are throwing stones, you might want to consider that in the not so distant past those stones were being thrown at you.” [EMME, commenting on Y’All Can Discuss the West End Walmart on Your Own]

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  • The point you’re missing is that it doesn’t matter what other think…THIS is the mantra of the Walmart Hater. They are right, everyone else is wrong, you suck, they’re cool.


  • yeah, a similar thought rankled my skin about all those anti ashby highrise bumper stickers. i just kept thinking in response ‘and what have all those oil/power/big pharma investments etc that have you and yours nestled so snugly in that exclusive little neighborhood north of rice u been doing to the quality of life in neighborhoods all over the (mostly third) world?’

  • EMMA:
    the most thoughtful comment i’ve seen during this whole saga…

    if you do or have ever owned a mutual fund or participated in your company’s 401K program- then guess what? you too, bud, have investments in some “oil/power/big pharma” company.
    if not, i still guarantee that, being a Houstonian, the only reason that you are currently employed is thanks in some way or another to the presence of the oil companies here.