Comment of the Day: What 4 Million Sq. Ft. of Wal-Mart Distribution Looks Like

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT 4 MILLION SQ. FT. OF WAL-MART DISTRIBUTION LOOKS LIKE “Also, that Wal-Mart facility (which is not in the picture because is just left of the two large buildings) is HUGE. To put it in perspective, it would be like 10 Reliant Centers or George R. Browns to come close and that was phase 1 back when we did the drainage and utility plan. Phase 2 will double the size. Wal-Mart sees Houston as the point of entry of much of it’s goods in the future than Los Angeles. The expansion of the Panama Canal will make the Port of Houston that much more strategic in trade with Asia.” [kjb434, commenting on Courting the Smiths: We Don’t Care Who You Are, But Please Please Like Us!]

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  • I need to add this too: To meet storm water mitigation requirements, Wal-mart typically put the storage on the perimeter of the facility. Both of their facitilies in the region are in lower lying areas so they usually have water in them like a moat!

    The link below is to an aerial of the 4 million sq-ft facility. On the left is the two buildings from the other post on Swamplot.

    Here is their Montgomery County Facility.

  • 4,000,000 square feet of Chinese crap

  • I don’t think China or Wal-Mart or Target or HEB has yet realized Americans can no longer buy their shit no matter how cheap it is.

    I’m serious, we can’t, we don’t have jobs.

  • Is there some fuzzy math going on here? The GRB is 1.8 million SF. Reliant Center (not including Reliant Arena, Reliant Astrodome, Reliant Stadium) is 850k SF. How exactly is a 4 million SF Wal-Mart warehouse equal to 10 of these other spaces?

  • Bernard,

    i wasn’t being literal. when you drive by and walk up to it, it is just plain huge.

  • Pull back a bit on that aerial view and see that each of those monsters is about the size of downtown Baytown.