Comment of the Day: What a Gate Gets You

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT A GATE GETS YOU “I can tell you why I have a gate. It’s not to keep out someone that REALLY wants to get in (as I can hop over in about 5 seconds if needed). It’s to keep randoms from coming up and knocking on my door. I work from home a lot and hate when I get a knock on the door during the day (or at night when I’m spending time with my wife) only to go to the door and find some pandhandler ‘fundraising’ for a trip or other nonsense. And while I don’t subscribe to the fact they’re a big problem, I have heard warnings that people come by, knock on the door for a ‘legit’ reason, and if no one answers they target the property to break in. A gate will keep most of these fishing expeditions out. So a gate isn’t going to keep someone out that’s committed themselves to getting in, but it’ll be a deterrent to the passers by that want to bother you. Other reasons? I park my car inside the gated area (yet still outside) so I add some security there. I have furniture on my patio that is much more secure due to the gate. I have a daughter that’ll soon play outside and I like the idea of her not being able to run out to the street. If I had a dog I could let them run around without bothering anyone walking by or running into the street. There are several legit reasons for a gate. The least of which is a means to make your house impossible to access.” [Cody, commenting on A Preview of a $110K Modest Mod]

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  • What is the point of a gate? If somebody really wants to get in they can do it.

  • Agreed 100% with Cody’s comment. I love/hate having one, but mostly love it. Make sure to have a way for someone to get your attention from the street, however, like an inconspicuous bell or something. If you don’t want to answer the gate, just peek out the window, see who it is, and ignore or open the door.

  • Mine came with two buttons … “Alligator Trapdoor” and “Release the Hounds”.

  • I lived on a corner lot and having a fence and gate kept people from using my yard as a short cut. Plus, it kept the religious panhandlers from accosting my home.

  • We have a wrought iron gate in front as well. It looks tasteful and seems to blend in nicely with our East End house. The best part is that it keeps the abundant street trash out and has done so for the past four years. And while it’s not 100% protection it damn sure helps as a deterrent.

  • We live on a well known Houston street and have a gate. Cody is right on. I couldn’t agree more.

  • We have a wrought iron front gate(I disconnected the door bell,as I KNOW who will be coming over.I put up a sign: ” NO Solicitors! Unless you’ve called first,DO NOT bother me as you’ll be dealing with a .38 or .45 caliber or Mr.357 Magnum! Have a Nice Day. The solicitors try all sorts of scams.I tell ’em: “I’m not interested.Read the sign.” Of course,the low life/douche bags throw trash on the front sidewalk and on rare occasions urinate on the front step.But that is life in the city.(Cody,if you’re the Cody that refurbished the Spur complex on W.Alabama@ the 527 Spur,it looks way better than it did before.Congrats.)

  • If this is really a problem for you, just move to Katy, dude, then your McMansion won’t have anyone coming to the door.

  • I like the way a good fences/gate looks. I’m going to be fencing in my front yard in the near future and it will be so nice to no longer have to deal with some of my rude neighbors dogs craping in my yard, I can’t even walk barefoot in my own yard currently.

  • Another advantage is that if you have parcels coming in, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing them. Of course, one drawback is that it can make certain deliveries like pizza a rather awkward process.

  • montrose: Sorry, but I love montrose and am not leaving. I have my own home here. My office here, and 90% of my buidlings here.
    That said, no need to put up with that crap I pointed out if a simple gate will fix the problem. Not sure why wanting a gate means “oh you suck, move to the burbs”. I take advantage of all Montrose has to offer and am happy to call it home. On the same page, I understand there are shady types walking around and am happy to do a bit to keep them away.

  • montrose: And I wouldn’t call my house a “mcmansion”. It’s an over 100+ year old home in a historic subdivision where they’d have a shit fit if I decided to do anything to the front.

  • Sorry to do this to you guys, but I see the same people posting on here day after day and hoped I could abuse the privilege.

    I also own a home in Montrose, almost 40 years old with the original saltillo tile. I’ve been trying to find someone to strip and reseal them (no stain), but it seems like everywhere I’ve called they showed little interest and wanted to charge $6 a square foot. Its not even 800 sq feet worth?

    All you renovators out there have some guidance? I’m pretty sure Cody owns 60% of the properties within a stones throw of my home (first montrose commons)

  • BTW, thats not a bad thing @cody I think you just recently wrapped up The Spur? Looking forward to the day when other side of 527 can start to get a little more pulse

  • Jack,

    Call Pyramid Imports Tile & Flooring, Inc. Show Room 3501 N. Main.

    They are experts in the striping and finishing of saltillo. Expect to pay about $3.50 a square foot.

  • For the folks with fences and gates, how are UPS and Fedex deliveries done?

    Also, I guess your mailbox is very near the front gate, so that the letter carrier can have access?

    We have no front yard fences in my Houston neighborhood so I’m seriously asking.

    I can see why some areas would warrant fences but I do think they kinda distract from the overall “beauty” of a neighborhood.

    In our rural house several counties to the west, the postal carrier is not allowed to open the gate to deliver a package to the house, (if it will not fit in the rural mailbox). If the gate is OPEN and the driveway leads to the house, the postal carrier can enter.

    UPS deliveries can be made up to the house provided the gate is unlocked. We had a new Toto delivered right to our porch recently!