Comment of the Day: What You’ve Earned

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT YOU’VE EARNED Basketball in Pool“How do you have the time to use all the various leisure areas of a house like this? You gotta be working a lot to afford it so when do you have the free time to ski, play hoops, work out, dine in the dining room, swim in the pools, sit in one of all the outdoor sitting areas, sit in the kitchen or the bar or the living room or the den and so on . . .” [jost, commenting on Katy Home Listing Photo of the Day: Can’t Miss] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Why, on the weekends, when the lower class are working.

  • Money makes money. Its not about work at that point.

  • Shoot, I get to do most of those things (except ski on a boat and shoot some hoops–which isn’t my fav sport). It also helps to wake up before 5am and not watch TV.

  • You greatly overestimate the amount of time rich people need to work.

  • So people who work (and make good money) don’t have any time for leisure? Also, I would imagine several of the play things in this house get used by (and were purchased for) their kids more than the parents

  • Progg is right. Go to any cafe in the Montrose or off of Washington around 11:30 a.m., and you’ll see tons of rich folks not working. At least I assume the guy in the Audi wearing very expensive clothes is rich. Maybe he’s just unemployed, but unlikely.

  • I own a house. Far, far more modest than this one. And my wife and I both work. I have very little leisure time. Commuting, grocery shopping, yard work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, home and car repairs, and a half-hearted attempt to get some reasonable amount of sleep pretty much take up all of my and my wife’s non-working hours. Maybe a modicum of exercise, and the very occasional meal out or movie, but killing time for an hour or more is almost unheard of. And for kids, at least high school age, the same is true. Homework and extra-curriculars can easily assume all waking hours. I think maybe the rich have yard men and maids and mechanics and that’s why they appear to have leisure time.

  • Or, buy a smaller house, with less of that stuff, in an area you WANT to live. Then your walkable neighborhood becomes your leisure area.
    Never understood the desire for a 5k SF house that’s in an area where there is nothing to do and you have to drive an hour to work.

  • EASY, we work for ourselves or we work in high positions that allow us such freedom. Quite simple.

  • On the same line of thinking, why do those $10 million plus houses in Sugar Land and The Woodlands not come with Helipads? If I’m going to plunk that much money down on a house, I’m sure as hell not going to battle traffic on 59 or 45 to get into Downtown. Maybe that’s just me.

  • yes its that easy …not everyone wants to live in in town with shitty pubic schools……….

  • @CB. Sad but true. I’m about to leave a perfectly good house in a perfectly good neighborhood, and move farther from my work just so that I can be zoned to the right schools. Actually our new house isn’t as nice as the old one. It’s smaller. It’s not as updated as where we live now. The neighborhood isn’t as well laid out…. But we could afford it, and it hits the school trifecta: good elementary, good middle, and good high schools.