Comment of the Day: What’s on the Rise at Allen Pkwy. and Gillette?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT’S ON THE RISE AT ALLEN PKWY. AND GILLETTE? “And as of yesterday, a wood frame has gone up. It definitely does not look like the lower floors of the 11-story-ish building shown in the upper right of the rendering.” [Chris C., commenting onA First Concrete Step Toward Building That Mixed-Use Complex at Allen Pkwy. and Gillette St.] Photo of new concrete pad on Gillette St. south of Allen Pkwy.: Swamplox inbox

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  • It got value engineered into a jack in the box. The remaining land will be converted to parking…. High demand for a jack in the box at that location. True story.

  • it’s looks to be the foundation of the low-slung building at the SE corner of the site.

  • @cmoney
    You’re a bit disoriented there buddy. The shorter building you refer to is actually at the northwest corner of the property, fronting Allen Parkway opposite Gillette from the Federal Reserve building. This construction is occurring at the southwest corner of the property, backing up to the apartments on W Dallas.
    Maybe this is a temporary building meant to be used to store equipment, materials, etc. during the course of the first phase of construction?