Comment of the Day: When Houston Was Rigged

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHEN HOUSTON WAS RIGGED “The Astrodome is ~1 mile north of the old Pierce Junction Oil Field. Most of the area is industrial, but there are homes along the perimeter of the field where Glenn McCarthy, who later built the Shamrock Hotel, made his first millions. Here’s a link to a 1956 TIME magazine article about the field and issues regarding growth of Houston versus industrial development. If anyone reads the article, I believe the dump it refers to is now a golf course. There are methane candy canes all around it. This is to say nothing of the Humble area. If anyone can find any old aerial photos of Humble online, let me know. I’ve seen them in the past and would like to do an overlay of current use versus prior use.” [J Wilson, commenting on House Shopping in the Chemical Discount Zones: Finding Houston’s Less-Toxic Neighborhoods]

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  • JWilson,

    Check out the link below. They have historic aerial that date back prior to freeways in Houston.

  • When I worked at Six Flags Astroworld in the 90’s I always heard the oldtimers in the maintenance department talk about how the whole park was built on top of a “dump” or landfill. It may have just been urban legend but they told me that they once uncovered a whole car while running some underground cable.