Comment of the Day: When Kids Take Over the Big Rooms

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHEN KIDS TAKE OVER THE BIG ROOMS “. . . And let me say as a parent, having a large room entirely devoted to the kids is great. We didn’t have a dining room table for at least a year when we first moved into our current home, and our kids LOVED that empty space. They cried when we turned it into a proper dining room.” [Vonnegan, commenting on Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Child Support] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I honestly have no idea how this is dreamed the comment of the day. It’s annoying to read great comments (a lot I may not agree with, but good comments none the less) passed over for comments that a lot of time actually barely make sense or are just a basic inane observation. I have no idea who picks these or how, but isn’t the object to inspire responses and a lot of them to generate traffic for this site so you can keep charging for advertising (which I can honestly say I’ve never looked at or taken notice, it’s like white noise in the form of advertising) or are the comments so Lulu (whom I’ve always imagined being a 3rd grader at Poe Elementary, judging by the level of expertise and satire) can scribble something mildly referring to the Comment?

  • I can honestly say it’s never occurred to me to complain about something like Comments Of The Day. Maybe i’m doing Teh Internets wrong.

  • Granted maybe you don’t care and thus never bothered, however I do care and thus I said as much. Really have no clue what this has or hasn’t have to do with knowledge of the Internet.

  • Creole: You’d be an interesting person to meet in person. I don’t mean that as a slam or with any sarcasm.
    Gus, when/where is the swamplot user meet? That would be awesome. It would, obviously, have to be a place with ground floor retail.
    (as I offered before, tomorrow is the 1st “Birthday” of our ownership of the building at 1624 Holman. We’ve invited our tenants and the neighbors. Swamplotters are welcome to show up — but only if you have a “HELLO MY NAME IS ___” sticker on :) If you want to see a fun before/after project, it might be worth you’re time. We’re not 100% done but we’re not far off)

  • Creole, those comments chosen for comment of the day usually offer up a unique or different perspective on the topic they are commenting on. Also, before posting, re-read your comment, and edit for brevity. Comments made on the fly that are emotional rarely seem to get chosen. Treat it like a position paper for a college level class. In the end, though we’re all readers of this forum, we don’t own it, or get to choose how it is formatted.

  • @ShadyH – Your comment brings to mind the Harry’s t-shirt from the George era, ages ago, emblazoned with the motto “If you don’t like it here go someplace else.”

  • I always appreciate how the old regulars on Swamplot (I picture Norm and Cliff at Cheers) gang up on anyone who dares to critique the Swamp. I really like this site and chatting with Gus via email is always a polite and interesting affair, but I do have some opinions on the way the comments of the day are chosen. Seriously, I think it’s childish and immature to tell someone that because they care about the site and has some criticisms about some things that they should just stop commenting or cease using the sure all together. I also find it interesting that no one actually commented on the “Comment of the Day”, they just critiqued and critized me for having the audacity to say that this was a bad Comment of the Day in an ongoing continuum of poorly chosen comments, thus inadvertently proving my point;)

  • I’d like to meet you too, Cody: no sarcasm or a slam either.

  • I would love for all of us to meet somewhere with Gus, it would be hilarious to a face to all of you. I have my own ideas of what most of you look like, but I can’t say because I know Gus would moderate..too bad believe me it would be very funny.

  • Fine I’ll comment on the comment…when I see a house with kids younger than 5 living in it, I cringe at the stains, smudges and broken shit that I know are lurking on every surface, under the furniture, and in all the closets. Also – why do people have so much kid shit anyway? When I was a kid, we went outside and played in the mud. We slept two or three to a room. And we certainly did not need an entire extra room to put our toys in – they fit in a single wooden toy box (do they even have those anymore?).

  • ETHERIST!!!!!!!–Lol

  • Ha, a swamplot meet and greet. I don’t know about that one. I like being anonymous. :) I guess if we all signed confidentiality agreements. :)

  • Superdave, the dining room in my home was EMPTY. That was the attraction – running around in circles, chasing each other with toy swords and screaming as loud as possible. Surely you did some of that back in the day, when the mud got old?

    And y’all, it was empty because, after spending every last dime we had to buy a 1941 home and prevent it for being demo’ed, we were flat broke. Swanky dining room furniture was out of the question, and kind of silly, due to the sticky presence of the children. I have to ask, though: do y’all only like it when someone buys an old house and then decorates the crap out of it, making it a lovely museum? Or do you also like it when people buy an old home to fill it with life again – wild eyed children and dogs, church group suppers (plates on your lap in the living room, please, since there’s no table), and the like? Because we did the latter, and we’re quite pleased with the result.

    Last point: how my comment got to be “comment of the day” I have no idea. I clearly have a suspicious nature, so I assume I was being gently poked fun of. It matters not to me in the long run, I assure you. Cheers, and no hard feelings.