Comment of the Day: Where Montrose Begins and Ends

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHERE MONTROSE BEGINS AND ENDS “. . . the referenced area has been known as ‘Montrose’ since the 1960s, at least. There are numerous ‘pockets’ not in original Montrose that have historically been called part of the area for decades. Generally, east of Shepherd, west of the US 59 spur (and Brazos), N. of 59, and S. of W. Dallas connotes ‘the Montrose’ or the Montrose-area, even if it does not denote it. I, too, once tried to parse the issue, (Winlow), but eventually, one gets tired of people saying ‘Oh, yeah, you mean Montrose!’. I love Montrose, and I don’t need neighborhood signs or old, original designations to muddy the waters. Believe me, if it seems ‘Montrosian’, then you’re in the ’trose (start with at least a smattering of 1930’s bungalows). Nothing quite like it the southern U.S architecurally, ethnically, socially and socio-economically. Montrose is our big, sloppy, lovable integrated, tolerant heart. If you want to say ‘I’m in the ____ part of the Montrose’, fine. Besides, Montrose always finds YOU, if you’re around it.” [devans, commenting on Comment of the Day: Name My Neighborhood]

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  • “Besides, Montrose always finds YOU, if you’re around it.”

    HAHA, that line is golden!

  • This is the difference between The Heights and The Montrose. (and yes, I have lived in both. Now I happily reside in The Montrose)

    In The Heights, people will know down to which side of the street the Original Heights Plat exists. Quick, Grab Sister Mary Agatha’s book!

    And then it matters if you are East of Yale or (snicker) West of Yale. (alas, I was an unloved Westie for most of my Heights residency)

    Don’t even get me started on the Sunset Heights or Woodland Heights!

    We love everyone (sometimes literally) in The Montrose. It is, indeed, a State of Mind.

    Just keep those weird Austinites away from us!

    (Just kidding, Austin. You are welcome, too)

  • I think a difference is that the Heights at one time was it’s own city. Just like Cottage Grove to the west was it’s own city. Both were eventually annexed into Houston.

    The “Montrose” area grew all within the city of Houston without necessarily having a distinct separate history other than when it what platted and which developer platted it.

  • From miss_msry:
    These “micro-neighborhoods” are nothing new. They are legal designations applied by the city of Houston when the neighborhoods were originally platted in the 1920s and 1930s. The city still considers them when detemining which neighborhoods have enforcable deed restrictions or homeowner associations.

    I did not know that… but, explain to me why there is not an available map of the legal designations on the web? Many of us have asked for them to pinpoint our guesses on the NNGame to no avail. If you are not in the RE biz, this is like another language.

  • Brad,

    There is one. It’s called HCAD! I didn’t say it was a good one.

    Every lot in HCAD has a plat entitled to it. If the lot is in its original state (not subdivided by townhomes), it’ll still have its original plat in its legal description.

    Furthermore, the data does exist in the HCAD database (which is public data) that allows it to sorted and broken out utilizing GIS software that can easily generate maps.

    My guess for no current map existing is that it would be more for hobby purposes. The individual properties have the info associated with it in non-map form regarding deed restrictions, etc.

    Using the Heights again, the reason we still see those maps is part from the good Sis’ book and historians preserving it.

  • Brad,

    I’m not in the real estate business, just a homeowner in the Maybe Montrose area. I got the information from HCAD, but don’t remember where I saw the map. Let me check with some neighbors and see if they can remember.

  • HCAD has a section called…MAPS

  • Good post–I definitely agree.

  • Miss_Msry, I have a copy of the HCAD map; it’s awful to read but if you squint really hard you can see the designations. Send me an e-mail ( and I can walk a copy over to you.