Comment of the Day: Where the Runoff Tax Flows Matters Less Than Collecting It

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHERE THE RUNOFF TAX FLOWS MATTERS LESS THAN COLLECTING IT City of Houston Public Works Project Map“Just collecting the tax on impermeable surfaces is valuable on its own. It makes landowners think twice about creating (or even keeping) flood-worsening pavement. Where the money goes sort of morally determines whether the fee is a form of legally-imposed direct responsibility for flood costs, or just pure financial disincentive that helps the city with flood costs or whatever else — it would be better with the spending restriction, but I’ll gladly take either one.” [Sid, commenting on City Loses Latest Appeal on 2010 Drainage Fee Election] Map of past, ongoing, and planned drainage and street projects: ReBuild Houston interactive map

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  • Another fricking TAX imposed by the FEE OBSESSES thank goodness FORMER mayor Annise Parker.. She monetized the whole Permitting Department which extorts MORE TAXES aka ” fees ” from property owners during construction /remodeling projects. The whole COH Building / Permitting Department is one big joke. I’m thoroughly convinced that some of the inspectors are taking bribes /money off the books /under the table to “pass” the permitting process on construction projects. It is so F**KED up,it’s a joke. Now it can take up to 6 months to get permits approved . The CHEAP minded city officials WON’T spend the $$$$ to hire more inspectors ( plus long over additional POLICE officer trainees. Those are 2 reasons why the COH is in such deep doo doo…

  • The COH has to make do with voter imposed restrictions in regards to funding public services. That is NOT a COH decision, it’s the law.

  • The being said, I do agree with the post. This country loves SIN taxes. Many obviously tread in subjective interpretations of human action, but the revenue is usually targeted towards cleaning up the mess left by abusive/illegal indulgences of said actions while often being earmarked for other purposes as well.
    In some cases, the tax is nothing more than a disincentive.
    I’m not sure why this drainage fee should be considered as anything different to widely established and existing tax schemes.

  • “Where the runoff tax flows matters less than collecting it” is a perfect headline. It says the main point of the comment, but shorter, better, and with some semantic fun. Well done, headline writer! I wish I’d thought of that.