Comment of the Day: Where the Skyscrapers Will Be Built

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHERE THE SKYSCRAPERS WILL BE BUILT “. . . in a century or two, Houston will be very densely populated. . . . I think Houston is relatively lucky to have street grids across most parts of the city, as opposed to the suburban lollipops in, say, Pearland’s newer subdivisions. When the skyscrapers come — and they will — then Houston’s grids will handle the load better than the lollipops would; and if worse comes to worse, old blocks can be razed for new streets, or our existing streets can be turned into one-way, so that for example you might have Bellaire and Westheimer only go westbound, and Richmond and San Felipe only eastbound (or vice versa).” [J.V., commenting on City to Ashby Highrise: Yes You Can!]

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  • Can a large subway system be built under Houston? If not, this kind of development will require some big technological changes in public transportation. (I’m taking the phrase “very densely populated” to mean at least as dense as major urban centers in the Northeast USA and Europe).

  • Don’t worry Kevin – by the time the high-rises of tomorrow make their way through the red tape and actually get built we’ll all be tooling around up up in the air, Jetsons style. Vertical living and driving is the way of the future!

  • In a century or two, Houston will be underwater.

  • In a century or two, Houston will be underwater.

    In a century or two everyone will still be in court battling the permits for 1717 Bissonnet.

  • Subways are cost prohibitive in Houston because of the high water table…Elevated railways are the answer and they can be very modern looking, not ugly and noisey like the elevated trains in Chicago…Elevated trains are what Metro should be doing today. They get from point A to B faster then any other mass transit form of transportation…