Comment of the Day: Hunting for Buried Treasure at Camp Strake

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HUNTING FOR BURIED TREASURE AT CAMP STRAKE “I was once on a campout there and some guy in my troop, in the process of digging a hole for something, found an early 1940′s Walking Liberty half dollar, the most beautiful coin the U.S. mint ever produced. Suddenly we were all seized with hysteria. Old silver coins! In the ground! Right beneath us! And it just so happened that one of the scout masters had a metal detector. So at the behest of a dozen crazed boys in their early teens, he led us off on an afternoon mission seeking treasure. Each boy took turns claiming whatever was unearthed in the next metal strike. The beeping sounded, the digging commenced, up came an old rusty nail. Ten minutes later beeping again, excitement, digging, rusty nail. On and on, crisscrossing Camp Strake, through the woods, down the dirt roads, along the lake: rusty nail, rusty nail, rusty nail. Our numbers dwindled; soon it was just me and one other guy, dreaming of coins, digging up nails. And then it was evening and we gave up. All those little holes. A bucket full of rusty nails.” [Mike, commenting on Boy Scouts Sell Camp Strake in Conroe To Master-Planned Community Master Planners] Illustration: Lulu

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  • That’s a metaphor for scouts—hoping for gold and only getting rusted nails—

  • To each his/her own. That memory, and a hundred similar bizarre ones, I wouldn’t trade for anything.

  • Well, these days they’ll be looking for gold in whole different places, now that they’ve been forced to rebrand themselves as the Buttscouts.

  • There is just no commonsense reply to such a vile comment.

  • @#3 – (Note to self: Do not feed the trolls).

  • commonsense,

    Take your bigotry to

  • Homophobic jokes involving the boyscouts… Way to be original commensense.


  • Boyscouts are a private entity which can buy and sell property at will but also has the right to admit or deny anybody as a member. The fact that they were bullied and forced to accept members who want to earn the Rainbow Patch only shows that the militant fringe only wants special treatment, not equal rights. You don’t see me demanding membership at the Black Panthers or LULAC, I know where I don’t belong, so should they.

  • @ #8. Keep digging. You just might make it back to 1953, when people were so much more reliable about “knowing their place.”

  • They? Rainbow Patch? Oh, this gets better. You’re not in scouting. You may have been once, but you’re not there now. Which is awesome.

    I voted for the change on the parent/leader survey. I wasn’t coerced, bullied or forced. The majority of reps voted for the change. They weren’t coerced. That vote did not include a Rainbow Patch. It did not include a mandate to suddenly start talking about sex. You’re right, we’re a private organization, and so we don’t have to listen to your rantings or cave into pressure from you. Buh-bye.

  • Commonsense clearly shows that he has no commensense. I have news for your homophobic tendencies, homosexuals already were in the boy scouts prior to the policy change. In addition, its interesting you compared the Boy scouts to Black panthers- A militant black power organization. Yeah— that’s totally a fair comparison.

    Also, if you want to join the NAACP: You can.–regardless of your creed and color.

  • That’s a nice coin, but a plain old 1943 copper Lincoln penny would pay for college.

  • Perhaps one who exposes such anachronistic obtuse views should don a hood and sheet, to make the anachronim complete

  • My views are very well in line with the overwhelming majority of Texans. Hence there are no laws here against discriminating against certain folk and why there are laws specifically against these certain folk.

  • No, commonsense, your views may be popular in whatever nasty little echo chamber you occupy, but they are not in line with the majority of Texans, unless 26% suddenly constitutes a majority.
    Source: UT’s Texas Politics Project poll –

  • In 1968. 73 percent of the country opposed interracial marriage. In 1967, Loving V. Virginia hit the overruled states laws forbidding interracial marriage.

    Commonsense, has what I call a clear cut case, of homophobia:

    1. Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men.
    2. Behavior based on such a feeling.

  • I think he just dug to 1926, Mollusk –moziltov

  • Hmmm, who are these certain folk he’d speaking –code for something, I just don’t know what –I’ll keep thinking —zzzzz

  • It reminds me of the redneck southerner who held on to segregation and the rebel flag with a death grip, even after the civil rights bill–its er heritagge, if ye dunt lik it, yer can leaf–or those holier than thou swinging the bible in every direction–oh The Lord says in this book written by who knows 2000+ years ago, that women are chattel and Noah had every species on his “ark”–oh and gays are an abomination –it’s all so tiresome