Comment of the Day: White Oak’s Would-Be Tallest Building

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHITE OAK’S WOULD-BE TALLEST BUILDING “So the robo-garage on White Oak will be ‘no taller than 75 ft.‘ ?” That’s about 5 or 6 stories, which is exceedingly tall in that particular location. It will certainly stick out, when no other building in the immediate area is even half that height.” [Donald (not that one), commenting on How Houston’s 2 Planned Robo-Parking Garages Compare in Size] Map showing proposed automated parking garage on White Oak Dr.: Centric Commercial

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  • 75 feet is about how tall the two story houses replacing bungalows in the area are so in another 15 years all the architecture in the area should blend harmoniously.

  • it will stick out oh no this is an outrage

  • The game is simple:
    Would you rather….
    have people parking on your street?
    have a parking garage that is tall for people to park in?
    I mean, are we really in a time when people would seriously choose street parking over parking structures? What a time to not live in the Heights.

  • For the record, I don’t live in The Heights and don’t venture to White Oak that often, so I couldn’t care less if this is actually built. I was only making the point that shoehorning this garage into the narrow lot it’s planned for is going to create something of an eyesore that will be very disproportionate to the neighboring structures.
    Also, I could see this garage being too expensive or inconvenient (in terms of wait time, etc.) to use for some people, so you could very well still end up with the same residential parking issue AND an expensive, underutilized robo-garage that towers over everything else nearby—truly the worst of both worlds.

  • “No one parks there. The lines are always too long.”
    –Yogi Berra’s grandson Donald, apparently.
    Again, the solution to over-consumption of on-street parking is to stop under-pricing it relative to off-street parking.

  • @Angostura
    haha Good one.
    I meant that more in the sense that, if the normal operation of the garage is processing one vehicle at a time, there could be enough of a delay at certain peak times where a not insignificant number of people deem it not worth the hassle—which could result in it being chronically under full capacity at peak times. I don’t think that’s outside of the realm of possibility.
    I don’t disagree with you regarding your perspective on pricing. From what I recall, the on-street parking on White Oak is metered (at CoH’s typically low rates), but you just have to go two blocks in any direction to find non-pay, non-permitted parking. Do away with that, and you’ll funnel more cars into the robo-garage.