Comment of the Day: Why That Garden on Sul Ross Seems So Peaceful Now

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHY THAT GARDEN ON SUL ROSS SEEMS SO PEACEFUL NOW “bye bye 1749 sul ross. my home for 9 years. to be torn down to expand the neighbors garden. 9 year totals:

[JPSivco, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Record Breaking]

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  • 2 male friends streaking to little fanfare on Halloween.
    1 fridge.
    34 bleach stains on the red sofa.
    7 1/2 pancakes.
    4 hook-ups or dates from parties there.

  • Drinks in the backyard. Punched in the face during driveway scuffle. Slept in two different rooms. Responsible for arranging/allowing multi-cultrual hook up in one bedroom (not master). Best dance floor in houston to feel the bass actually move the floor. Unwanted furniture that remains in the attic unaware of its imminent demise. Shiny disco balls. 1749 will be missed.

  • What garden? All I see there is a herd of white concrete elephants at the house next door and the house that faces Branard. What kind of compound is that? Is it a cult? Or just an extended family from India?

  • While I didn’t know you as well as many did, 1749, I’ll add to your memorial: red wine stains on the white fireplace mantel and white bleach stains on the red sofa, dancing coffee cups on the kitchen walls and a French Onion Soup recipe on the ice box, hydrangea pots/ashtrays, backyard mud, too-steep driveway, vintage airline themed-bathroom. The many great gatherings I attended there in the last of your 75+ years were I hope a fitting tribute to the rest.

  • @miss_msry

    Some google searching yields that the owner is actually a high up at a local Fortune 500 oil & gas co. I’d much rather see this happen to some of the slummy apartments in the area – of course none of those have wealthy neighbors

  • Okie, I trying to diss the owners, they built and beautiful home on Branard and have turned it into a gracious compound. I was just curious if was all in the family or a religious group. Not that either is a bad thing for this neighborhood (I live close by and we are an eclectic bunch), just curiousity.

    And I’m thinking of getting an elephant for the my front yard.


    That should read “NOT trying to diss;”
    plus, “and they built a beautiful home on branard.”

  • Sandeep just loves his land and his gardening. I drove by and he has already sodded planted, fenced and flattened the lot. There is also a mulitplier effect to amasing so many lots right next to the former Wilshire Villiage site, isn’t there??

  • Did I leave a beer in the fridge?!