Comment of the Day: Wilshire Village Limbo Week

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WILSHIRE VILLAGE LIMBO WEEK “This is falling under the ‘oh, come on’ category. The end of the month falls on a Saturday; perfect time for a new lease to start on March 1st in a new place. Now people who had plans settled have to find someplace to store their lives for a week and themselves as well. I don’t care who made the complaint or whatever that got the fire marshall out there – he/she is a shithead of the first water. The complex didn’t just fall into total entropy in the last few days. No one got electrocuted or drowned or caught on fire. A week isn’t going to make one bit of difference to the developers or owners.” [Hellsing, commenting on Wilshire Village Apartments: Fire Hazard, Everybody Out!]

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