Comment of the Day: Works Even Better When Your Neighbors Stuff Their Townhouses with Foam Peanuts

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WORKS EVEN BETTER WHEN YOUR NEIGHBORS STUFF THEIR TOWNHOUSES WITH FOAM PEANUTS “I live in a 3 story townhome (2800 sq ft., shared walls, middle unit, north-facing) and the pleasant surprise for me has been the utility bills. July/August/September (bills since 2008) – no more than $140/month (@ ~.10/kw). Electrical bill drops down to <$100 in the winter. Since I have shared walls, the units on either side of me act as additional insulation for me.” [Terry, commenting on Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Dramatic Entry]

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  • Is that a serious comment, or did I just fall for a secretly ironic trick? I live in a house built in the 1920s, and I pay less.

  • A 2800 sq.ft house built in the 1920s? If so I’m assuming some significant improvements have taken place since then.

  • Sweet! Finally made Comment of the Day…

    That is a seriously efficient house Sid, my parents’ home in the ‘burbs electric bill hits $300 easily in the summer.

    Of course, their house was built in 1990

  • I live in a 3-story as well (side unit sharing inside wall) and my utility/gas bills are very low as well. Never topped $200 for electricity (rate is 10c when > 1000kw and 12.2c when < 1000kw).

    Sid — last time I checked, houses in the 1920s didn't surpass 1500 sq ft.

  • That’s fantastic !! Only bad part about sharing walls is if you get a noisy neighbor.

  • And no windows on an entire side…

  • On two entire sides, actually!