Comment of the Day: Yes, a Ring Road Even Further Out Than the Grand Parkway

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YES, A RING ROAD EVEN FURTHER OUT THAN THE GRAND PARKWAY “I hate to be the one to break the news, but the next outer loop beyond Grand Parkway is already being planned. If you look at the land plan for Cross Creek Ranch, there’s a big right of way built into the western portion of the development. It is right close to the proposed terminus of the Westpark Toll Road and roughly aligns with FM 2855 to the north and Spur 10 to the south. Some of the economic development corporations and chambers of commerce out there have even begun tracing its route on their planning maps.” [TheNiche, commenting on The Swamplot Award for Special Achievement in Sprawl: The Official 2011 Ballot]

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  • I thought there already was one. It’s called Loop 410.

  • It sounds like you’re referring to the ‘Prairie Parkway.’ It’s suppose to start some where near Fulshear and head up north to Waller on US290. I haven’t heard of any other segments being proposed but it sure looks like the beginnings of yet another future loop.

  • The south end of Spur 10 will eventually tie in to the Fort Bend Parkway, according to Fort Bend County’s Master Thoroughfare Plan.

  • Prairie Pkwy, or it could up being the I-69 route around Houston Metro area once US 59 is rebranded I-69.

  • Houston’s outer loops are the current day precursor to Unicron of the original Transformers movie. Well, at least we are voiced by Orson Welles…

  • @ Stating the Obvious: That was one of the nerdiest awesome things I’ve heard in years! Love it!

  • Geezus does it never end!?!

  • Superdave, They’re loops, so we’ll always wind up where we started.

  • So you have the 610 loop going around downtown and such. Then the beltway going around most of Houston. Then 6 (?) going around all the burbs. Now there will be an even bigger one? Why not just make a ring around the state an call it a day.

  • Touche, Donovan. Touche.

  • Colleen for the win.

    in 1977 we moved to one of the first three subdivisions along Mason Rd. When my dad would tell people how to get there, he said: go toward San Antonio and take a left before you get to the loop.

  • Beats the hell out of attracting people via an emphasis on creation of a highly-educated highly sought-after workforce.