Comment of the Day: You Just Don’t Know

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YOU JUST DON’T KNOW Drawing of Marooned Red Mustang in a Cloud of Uncertainty“The driver might have been rich. They might been entitled. They might have been drunk. They might not respect traffic laws at all or such sentiment may be situationally limited. They might have a small penis. They might have no patience. They might be narcissistic. They might be egotistical. They might be a dumb-ass. (I will add to this list of possibilities, they might have been distracted, they might have been very tired, or they might have been subject to the influence of prescription medication; and there are in fact many other possibilities, so many that it is nigh impossible to enumerate all of them.) The construction manager might have abided by recent history and changed protocols; they might have judged their protocols to be adequate. Barricades might not have been erected at all, or properly, or in a manner that would be appropriate for traffic in that location. What we know for sure is that any combination of these possibilities might have contributed to the accident. Although being drunk certainly increases the odds of having an accident, even drunk drivers are usually responsive to barricades; and yet, I’ve also known a fair number of people that even on their best of days are capable of jumping curbs or driving into buildings. The fact is, we don’t know very much about what happened. We do not know what the driver did. We do not know what the driver deserves. Even if we were capable of rendering judgment over-the-wires with such limited information, it does not stand to reason that the driver will get what they deserve in the legal system. This is one of those instances when the commentary on a news item is more tragic than the news item. It exposes the ease with which people spin a tale, assign guilt, and express faith in the powers that be to mete out a poorly-conceived notion of justice. It is an unfortunate tendency.” [TheNiche, commenting on Notorious Wet Concrete, the Scourge of Upper Kirby, Claims the Shiny Red Mustang of Victim No. 3] Illustration: Lulu

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  • A very long post to decry judgements made without evidence. I agree with the overall point in spite of the prolix, but when Niche works him-/herself up to “We do not know what the driver did,” I’m less sympathetic. We know what happened; we just don’t know why.

  • So just shut up, y’all.

  • All of the above doesn’t lessen the humor.

  • oh we know, just by default any and every Houston driver, local or not, will be a random cocktail of all of the above ailments, misjudgments, entitlements and much much more. however, despite all of these being present on a constant basis it’s not every day that someone drives into wet concrete. as such, it really doesn’t matter what the driver’s problems may or may not have been, the pertinent issue is it’s happened 3 times and will happen again if something isn’t done to correct it.
    which brings up some questions from the prior incidents. what has been done to fix it and what was actioned from the construction companies internal studies into these prior incidents?

  • Lighten up…it was a funny post that naturally fetched hyperbolic and suppositional responses. That’s what discussion boards are for.

  • oh my dawwwg …

  • How ironic to hear SD voice support for this person’s hyperbolic rant, that just went on and on adnoisium beating the point like a dead horse. It wasn’t even funny nor witty, however when others do it, he/she/it is the first to bitch, so it’s comical and we wee bit hypocritical, don’t ya think–

  • Oh lighten up Shannon. You get all pissy over the damnedest things.

  • @ Houstonreader: Yes, you are correct. We do know what the driver did.

  • @shannon – my comment was directed at the top post, definitely not supporting it. I/we/me am not a hypocrite (at least not in this case).

  • Adnoisium is my new favorite word.

    I don’t want to live in a world where Ford Mustang is the vhicle of choice for the entitled elite of the privileged class.


    This comment was posted from my iPhone while cutting across 5 lanes of traffic to exit the I-45 interchange at the last possible moment

  • Oh please. The guy in his macho Mustang, or at least in his own mind, rounded the corner from Greenbriar onto the SW Frwy, gunned it assuming that he was going to make some sort of Gran Prix entrance as he roared up the ramp. His lady friend that is out of the car in the picture was to be oh so impressed with his keen driving skills, oops, he didn’t account for barricades or wet concrete nor did he have enough control to keep the car int he single righthand lane. As evidenced by the steam coming from the car, the fine driver had been running the car pretty hard prior to the mishap or he thought with all of the “muscle” of his car he might try repeatedly to drive out.


  • Hoping that no one misses the deep irony that the finger waging on internet speculation is coming from a poster who regularly assumes with the broadest brush the most evil motivations of anyone seeking to petition government or otherwise organize to preserve the character of their neighborhood from incompatible development.

  • This apologist rant brought to you by a paid spokesperson. Any sincerity implied was paid for in kind.

  • Did many people bother to read the original thread on Reddit? For one, the driver was female.

  • @ Higher Density: You are assuming that it’s a “he”. I’ve known women that drive Mustangs. Worse still, if we’re still intent on jumping to conclusions, those women have had a tendency to be young and blonde.

    @ Old School: That’s the pot calling the kettle black, I think.

  • @Niche: I am not casting aspersions on internet comment speculators. I love them. It’s entertaining to see what people think and every now and then someone is in the know and provides good information. So, life would be pretty boring if commenters, especially on a very tongue-and-cheek real estate blog, had to refrain from any speculation about the funny news story of the day.

  • I think what Higher Density is trying to say is “small penis”.

  • As the only evidence I have is 3 cars that have driven into wet cement during the same construction project, the only logical conclusion I can come to is that the construction company didn’t have the proper barriers in place.

    Road construction is a constant in Houston, if it happens 3 times in one place, yet we never hear of it happening in other places around town, it makes me think someone on site isn’t doing what they’re supposed to, and it’s not the people driving their cars.