Comment of the Day: You Would Cry Too if It Happened to You

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YOU WOULD CRY TOO IF IT HAPPENED TO YOU “ALAIISEBY: pronounced ‘Alayzbee’. As Long As It’s In Someone Else’s Back Yard. This is the principle of land use in Houston. No one gives a crap that a builder/developer is going to do something that adversely affects a homeowner as long as it is in someone else’s back yard. Homeowners think that no zoning is great because their back yard is just fine. And when something happens to someone else’s back yard, it doesn’t matter. Thus, instead of coming together around attrocities like the Ashby High Rise and the Heights Walmart, homeowners cast scorn on those who are affected by bad land use decisions because it is someone else’s back yard and doesn’t matter. Let the West End take one for the team so people can [buy] bb guns at 3 am at Walmart. Southhampton should have to live next to a highrise because they make too much money and deserve a little taste of how much Houston sucks. Homeowners who do not live within the protective confines of deed restricted developments should come together and support some sort of land use restrictions in Houston. But they don’t because it doesn’t matter as long as it is in someone else’s back yard.” [ALAIISEBY, commenting on Riverside Terrace Assisted Living: Whatever It Is, You Should Be Against It]

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  • Don’t we already have the term “NIMBY”? Do we need another (longer more complicated) term for the same thing?

  • pinko sentiment of the day. move to Dallas.

  • Houston doesn’t suck, just some of it.

  • I think that’s a Texas way of thinking. People don’t want to get involved unless they are directly impacted. I’d love to change minds around here but I’m not sure it can be done.

  • Houston doesn’t suck. Quite the opposite in fact. Love this City.

  • can you name any of the atrocities that have happened in 3rd ward, 5th ward, and east end over the past few years? of course not, cuz you don’t frequent those parts of town and probably don’t give a damn.

    now please rephrase your post and state why the city of houston should purposely reject large amounts of increased tax revenue so you and a few others don’t have to put up with trivial inconveniences.

    in terms of land use though, both of the locations for the ashby tower and wal-mart are actually quite perfect.

  • Comment is about 75% right. Not so sure about the rich people rant.

    The indignation at incongruous development, and mroe importantly the media coverage, only exists when it impacts wealther folks in this city.

    There is a lack of community in Houston. And that does suck!

  • Having a Walmart south of I-10 (not in the Heights) is an atrocity? Give me a BREAK.

  • Yeah everyone, the Heights Walmart is not the Heights. Get it straight. Just because the city, developer and Walmart have referred to it as such, and it has been marketed as such by the city, developer and Walmart, it is not actually in the Heights. Therefore, nobody is allowed to complain about it, whine about it or say anything negative about it. Especially if you happen to live in the Heights because, again, the Heights Walmart is not in the Heights.

  • the term is NIMBY and houston doesn’t suck.

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  • if only there were a shorter, easier to pronounce acronym that expressed the same idea!