Comment of the Day: Your Chance To Pick New Colors for the Skylane Apartments

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YOUR CHANCE TO PICK NEW COLORS FOR THE SKYLANE APARTMENTS “Feel free to e-mail me some color schemes using a paint mfgr color names. I’m terrible at picking out colors. I didn’t plan on changing 219’s colors right away since they just painted it (albeit using colors that I wouldn’t have selected) but if someone can come up with a good look for both, I’ll do it.” [Cody, commenting on A Neighbor’s Plans for the West Alabama Skylanes]

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  • keep the dark brow. paint the body a beige and paint the doors and shutters a deep red.

  • The cream color with blue or green trim at the other complexes along Garrott works well. You might try that.

    You might also try not parking your truck in your driveway and blocking the sidewalk.

  • Cody- I really appreciate what you are trying to do with your properties. You are obviously a cool guy. Eager to see how the project goes
    And Matt- your level of green bile is reaching a personal best level

  • We had this discussion once before about people who live in the townhouses in Montrose parking in their driveways and blocking the sidewalks. Apparently you don’t live in Montrose or you don’t walk and prefer the sidewalk to the street.

    If you’re going to be a good landlord, you should also be a good neighbor?

  • Who cares about the color scheme. Fix that unsightly, overflowing dumpster at the Skylane on Garrott & W. Alabama.

  • Take a tip from your distant neighbor, The Menil Collection – gray with white trim always looks cooling, clean, and chic in this Swamplot that we call Houston.

  • Definitely came to the right place to ask. Some good ideas folks..

  • @rsb320: The overflowing dumpster happened for two reasons: When I changed services, the old dumpster was taken a day before the new one arrived. Also, while the newer dumpster is bigger, I’ve had a lot of construction going on and a lot of cleaning out of vacant units that caused it to overflow. I’ve ordered extra pickups to solve the problem but there was more trash than they could get quickly.

    It should be better now and moving forward.

    Also, I’ll be removing that fence around the dumpster and changing it out with a block (like the one across the street with the metal siding)

  • @Matt: Not sure where people are supposed to park if not in their driveways. I pull my vehicle up to about an inch from my garage door. And since I’m the only car parked in a two car wide driveway, there is easy walking access around my car.

    Maybe you’re thinking about someone else.

    You seem to have some pretty unkind words to say so I guess if the way I park is the worst thing I’m doing, I’ll mark that as a success.

  • this is the trend as predicted-the market for low-end housing heats up as people get poorer and are forced to down-size.

  • just as a point to ponder, what incentive is there for an owner to spend one extra cent on a building, other than what needs to be spent to comply with building codes, community arch. control standards (if any)and finally, attract and keep tenants???

  • Add security and amenity upgrades along with aesthetic improvements and you get a significantly higher rent roll. Of course, there are diminishing returns. And as you mentioned, happy tenants equals less downtime and fewer new tenant refresh expenses. In a case like Cody’s, you also help to improve the neighborhood you live in and raise property values. There are many reasons to put money into these kinds of properties. I’m doing the same, albeit on a smaller scale, just a few blocks away.

  • By the time anyone reads this, they may have noticed that Cody Lutsh flipped the property, while dubbing readers of this blog into believing he was going to take the moral high road and actually fix the place. Actually, he fixed it just enough to dumb it off on someone else, who could care less about maintenance. Already some druggy neighbors are back. Perhaps, eventually, the neighborhood will get the message and not wait for some fantasy property owner to come along in shining armor. It will never happen. It’s your neighborhood. Or is it?