Comment of the Day: Your Lovely New Home in Tallowood

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YOUR LOVELY NEW HOME IN TALLOWOOD “. . . I was in Dallas this weekend and while flipping through channels in the hotel room, I came across one of those Sunday morning suburban real estate infomercials where they showcase a single builder in one neighborhood that is under construction. During a testimonial from a recent homebuyer, the guy lauded the ‘acres of beautiful forests’ surrounding his new home. As the camera panned the landscape, I saw nothing but 10 foot tall invasive mesquite trees as far as the eye could see. Seems like our Houston realtors should start cashing in on the ‘aesthetic value’ of the ‘tallow forests’ – especially emphasizing the ‘fall color’ and its function as an ‘environmentally friendly privacy screen.’ Most homebuyers would have no idea what they’re looking at. Carefully rewording reality is usually what realtors do on HAR, anyway!” [Superdave, commenting on What Happens If You Don’t Garden the Wild]

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  • It’s really a shame they’re such bad trees, because the way I figure it: at least two generations of Houstonians now, have grown up playing under the canopies of those invasive buggers… and for the many of us who grew up with boring live oak or southern pine trees in our back yards, the tallow’s brilliant yellow, orange, and red colors in the fall gave us a glimpse of that season we were taught about in school, but never really experienced. Maybe we can make a seedless variety!

  • Cut down every tallow and put it in glycerin to preserve it.
    It could be Houston’s version of a xmas-tree.