Comparing Houston Then and Now on Google Street View; Why Camden Doesn’t Like Mixed Use

stude park

Photo of Stude Park: via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I don’t have a problem with the city making a bid for the post office site really. However, I don’t think its in the best interest for Houston. Taxwise, it would be stupid. I also see benefits of 61 Riesner being owned by the city b/c that’s the next stretch of land for the light rail to be developed if it is ever to extend down Washington ave (again, ‘ever’). If the city were to get the Post office site, then I imagine they’d sell 61 Riesner and any hope of a washington lightrail/commuter rail would be dashed.
    The real issue here is the location of 45. If TxDOT would move that monstrosity and realign it along I10/59 (one of their suggested options), then both 61 Rienser AND the post office sight become extremely valuable pieces of land. BOTH could be developed into amazing projects. Downtown isn’t cut off from out new amazing Buffalo Bayou park. Future ‘river walk’-like development along BB can be achieved. as we stand now, 61 Rienser is cut off from downtown w/ not only a freeway overpass, but memorial drive as well.

  • Anyone know what this building is at the corner of Fannin and Bell. No signage anywhere. 1414 Fannin or 1414 Bell. When did it go up? Odd to see a new one-story building in downtown.,-95.367051,3a,75y,331.39h,87.15t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sdcF82ae4MBU2I8_r1htJ2w!2e0

  • Developers are probably not happy they have more competition.

    I think everyone should rethink the Houston Comical’s stance — here’s why — I would say the current court/police/jail facility and the post office facility are equal in proximity to downtown. BUT, here are some more realities. The Post Office sits infron of train tracts, and is near the existing jail / court house / etc… the current court /police site is much more prime. It sits right off the bayou at a more accessible spot than the Post Office. It has no boundary of train tracks, and is slightly larger. The area surrounding the current ‘justice center’ is much more residential feeling (Historical districts surrounding it) and has better transportation access – light rain extension and i45 and i10 right there. If Houston buys the Post Office site, and sells the current police / court site, they will be in the green a considerable amount. It makes financial sense. I personally rather those developers focus on the current police/court site (reisner) to develop and let the city put their jail and police headquarters in the much less desirable location (Post Office site).

  • @SM–I’m pretty sure it’s a daycare subsidized by a downtown employer (hence, no need to advertise).

  • How do you access the Then and Now on Google Maps??? I am looking at satellite and then street views of downtown and I don’t see an option for “then and now” anywhere? Am I just blind?

  • I believe that one-story building is a daycare facility for Chase employees…well, their kids anyway.

  • I will be sad to see the post office building go, but oh well, this is Houston. But I think it would be better for the city to move the justice complex to the post office site since it is more buffered by freeways and the bayou. Move it away from the residential areas in 6th ward and it might just help clean that area up a bit.

    Oh and I do like the cool 70s exterior of the Municipal Courts building too, but it really is pointless to get attached to any piece of architecture here in this city. You’ll get your heart broken every time, lol.

  • It is indeed a daycare … for Exxon-Mobil. I would imagine it will have a short lifespan with Exxon’s departure to northern pastures.

  • That whole courthouse/police HQ area is surrounded by skeezy stuff (bail bond joints, bottom of the barrel lawyers, hobos, etc…). Move it out of the area entirely and you’ll see a huge appreciation in value for the surrounding property.

  • @SM, it is indeed for JP Morgan Chase’s employees’ children

  • Municipal Court building built in 60’s not 70’s–think Mad Men not Jimmy Carter–oh and I hate that Staub/Rather designed monstrosity –ironically I love the old Exxon Building, the one they plan to ruin.–oh I don’t think the google then and now is up and running yet

  • And yet downtown does not advertise at all…