Compounding Interest in Kashmere Gardens Runs $52K Per



For those who consume real estate like potato chips, here’s a 6-pack of homes in Kashmere Gardens that share a gated driveway on the north side. Identical in design, each home within the complex hit the market last week at $52,600. Although the tenant-occupied properties are located a block and a half south of the East Loop near Lockwood Dr., the banks of Hunting Bayou prevent direct access to the feeder road.



The same set of listing photos depicts 4 of the homes. In them, the 808-sq.-ft. floor plan has a porchlet entry that opens into the living room (above), with the updated kitchen a straight shot back:


A hallway off the dining area leads to 2 bedrooms that measure 10 ft. x 10 ft.:



They share an updated bathroom:




The listings for the home closest the gate and one in the middle of the compound employ different views of the same floor plan. This one, for example, shows the parking area and side door into the kitchen from a lawn patch on the homes’ east-facing sides:


Bedrooms and bathroom line up on the west side of the homes:


All homes have laminate floors and fresh paint:


Updated kitchens have electric appliances. The bathrooms have also received updates.


Most of the lots are 1,456 sq. ft.; the end one nearest the gate weighs in at 1,960 sq. ft. and the one at the far end snags 2,216 sq. ft.


The grouping is part of a “package” of 40 properties, according to the listings.

All in a Row

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  • We have property in that area. Like. A few blocks away. Rough spot for rentals. And that’s coming from someone that runs some crazy spots.

  • Paging Cody… Cody, we have shady property in the 5th ward available for you. Cody….

  • $52k each is overpriced I would say they are worth about $40k each area is not getting any better in the next 5 to 7 yrs

  • Mr. Clean: Looks 100% like some we have on Tierwester. Some “drone” footage if you’re interested:

  • I like to see older rentals like that cleaned up and brought up to standard. The interiors are exactly what I envision that affordable housing should be. Not fancy, not luxurious, but up to code, clean, decent, and livable.
    Glad to see they put in nice fences and gates, and lighting, too. That’s the right thing to do. I wish they’d replaced the pavement on the drive and done a little landscaping, but that’s not an absolute must the way the fences and lighting are.
    I wish the sellers luck and I hope they get their asking price!

  • There is a little development like that on 26th street just west of Shepherd.

  • Reminds me of my old Montrose 8-plex at Hazard and Branard. Cody, what’s monthly rent like on a place like this?

  • @Cody, I wouldnt be interested in that area. Check out the development going on around collinsworth and Broyles Street. Pearland type homes are being built in that area by some developer

  • pocket projects

  • Mr.clean: yeah, we have places right there.
    Rodrigo: I had an 8 unit on branard near hazard. My first property I bought. 2022 I think? Anyway. The rents in the 2bd we have in video are $600 I think. Cheap for a detached 2 bed I side the loop. Which is why I argue that inner loop is NOT expensive. Rather a few neighborhoods are.

  • $600 for a two bedroom. Nice, Cody. Good job keeping them in that range!

  • @Rodrigo, I lived in an 8-plex on Branard just east of Woodhead throughout the 1990s; it’s right behind where the Dunlavy HEB is now. Someone bought it and turned it into a single family home, of all things. I was glad to see the 1947-era building survive!

  • I’ve passed both of those places on Branard many a time! I miss living there, in spite of the backbreaking pavement and rotting buildings and illegal dumpers. It was quiet, safe, and walkable. We lived in a slumlord’s crack apartment, but it was a home nonetheless. Those were good days.

  • slumlords are drooling ……………..

  • The area is a real mixed bag of properties – the perfect place to invest!

  • @Cody, those properties on your drone footage seem well kept. Most of the stories here on Swamplot are about the sexy 500k plus new homes but I’m glad to see that we are still able to keep some quality affordable homes still within the loop. I would rather have these homes than the Kelly Court shit hole next to our homes. Park will be a nice addition though.

  • Cody – This is a little off topic, but being you seem to know the area, I was hoping you could give me your opinion on an issue I’m having. I recently both several lots in the 5th Ward near Downtown – hoping to one day in the far future to build something for myself or sell. How do I keep from having tires/trash dumped on my lots after they’re cleared? Thanks.