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  • “when the isolation of the suburbs isn’t enough, just climb in your retrograde bunker to experience the true meaning of solitude!”

  • Drone shots are the new HDR for realtors.

  • Neato – a place for those in fear to hide when the liberals come for their guns and Bibles! The apocalypse tree jutting out of the bunker is an especially nice touch.

  • Superdave: I don’t know anyone who thinks the government will come for their guns — but I know a lot of people who think there are people that would like to try (have you not turned on a TV to see some of the anti gun rhetoric? Plenty of politicians and media would love to have outright bans or strict eu type regulations here).
    Not sure where the ‘take the bible’ stuff is from. I know you’re trying to make fun of people but that’s a claim Iv’e not heard either — though its undeniable that the media, mainstream celebrities, and many politicians are hostile (if only mockingly, like you) towards religion — at least Christianity. That said, even the most ardent believer in this theory wouldn’t likely feel anyone is going to try to take any bibles or outlaw private worship.

  • @Cody
    Hahaha get out of here man. You are not an average conservative; you are on the fringe whether you realize it or not.