Construction Crane Topples at Mac Haik’s Energy Tower IV, Smashing One of Don McGill’s Toyotas

Collapsed Crane at Energy Tower IV, 11750 Katy Fwy., Energy Corridor, Houston

A truck-mounted crane at work on Mac Haik Realty’s Energy Tower IV on the north side of the Katy Fwy. just west of Kirkwood fell over earlier this afternoon, damaging scaffolding, a portion of the building’s curtain wall on a few lower floors, a fence separating the construction site from the adjacent Don McGill Toyota dealership at 11800 Katy Fwy., and a truck or 2 parked on the sales lot. No injuries have yet been reported. The 17-story, 450,000-sq.-ft. building began construction last August.

Video still: Click2Houston

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  • Too funny. The crane crashed under the enormous weight of mediocrity. I’m sure ole Mac Haik has made a mint off of this property and these awful, rote glass boxes he thrust at the Energy Corridor, like a cat coughing up a hairball on your antique Oriental Rug, but it doesn’t make them anymore lazy architecturally. The very definition of blandness.

  • And some of my consultants wonder why I insist on thorough, careful submittal reviews…. It’s all important, – even something like crane footings or site concrete matters.

  • Curious to see some of your cutting edge, elegant designs, Shannon, since you seems to be an expert in the field.

  • Shannon never has anything positive to say. She thinks builders and landlords, should spent MILLIONS more to make something look a little bit more flashy despite the fact that no business in existence will pay more to rent the space because of it. She hates city centre, and other popular new developments most normal people like because it is too corporate and bland…she lives in an imaginary utopia where cost considerations don’t matter, everyone is rich and has everything they ever wanted and only aesthetics are important….

    Sure – these developers CAN come up with better designs, but nobody will pay for them, so what is the point? Its been proven time and time again. With folks like her around whining about every little thing its no surprise developers dont try harder- they cant win, so why bother at all!

  • Comparing I-10 West, Katy Freeway, to an antique Oriental Rug takes the cake.

  • Shannon is just jealous that Mac Haik has the money and the balls to play Monopoly with real big ticket properties all over town and she is only stuck at he coffee table moving a tiny lead hat and counting tiny colored money. In street vernacular… Haterz gonna hate.

  • Every post Shannon makes is negative, its ridiculous.

  • One really doesn’t need to be an expert to formulate an opinion. If that was the case, most of us (myself included) wouldn’t be commenting here. I hate a lot of songs. Don’t expect me to present my latest composition, though.

    “Shannon never has anything positive to say”. Let’s see now…”She thinks…She hates…she lives in an imaginary utopia…it’s no surprise developers don’t try harder–they can’t win, so why bother?” Sounds pretty negative to me.

    Yes, Shannon is jealous of balls–I’m sure of it. I’m not even certain if Shannon is a woman. I’m looking at you, marksmu. She might be, though. You know, Freud comes to mind when I think of Shannon being jealous of balls.

    Keep is classy, Houston.

  • Does anyone know why the crane fell over?