Construction of New Galleria Whole Foods Market: This Fall

A new “final” rendering is out for the second phase of Blvd Place, which includes a brand-new 48,500-sq.-ft. Whole Foods Market near the corner of Post Oak Blvd. and San Felipe just north of the Galleria (and yes, only a few feet east from the old Eatzi’s location), as well as two 4-story mixed-use buildings flanking it along Post Oak. Plus: a parking garage in back. The 4-story buildings (marked 1N and 2 on the recently updated site plan below) will have 2 office levels above 2 floors of retail, like the lone building in Blvd Place’s first phase, which opened last year a block south. Wulfe & Co.’s Elise Weatherall tells Swamplot the remaining portion of the old Pavilion on Post Oak on the site will be demolished this fall; construction on the new Whole Foods and the adjacent buildings is scheduled to begin about the same time, with everything opening in the first half of 2013.


Rendering: Wulfe & Co.

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  • What will happen to America’s in the old Pavillon? Will it move into the new buildings?


  • Please don’t yell.

  • Your picture doesn’t do justice to just how far the parking is from Whole Foods.

    Are people really going to park across the street or across the complex to get groceries?

  • It appears I spoke too soon, it appears to have a ‘6 level parking garage’ below it on the map when you hover over it. Still, I have never liked parking garage groceries, it’s so inconvenient in Austin.

  • There are two rows of parking directly in front of the store. But to answer your question: Yes. Yes they will. Does that really seem unreasonably far?

  • One of the board members on HAIF actually walked into their office yesterday. He posted what they said about the project.

  • I like the water feature and I think the office building on the south side is a smart place for it, as it will provide some relief in shade during the day for retail shoppers.

  • They should bring Eatzi’s back, I loved their make your own sandwich setup. Hubbel & Hudson has a very similar setup in the Woodlands and they seem to be doing quite well.

  • I went to the BLVD Place offices yesterday, and was told by multiple people that the groundbreaking on the Whole Foods and the residential tower would be taking place in June, and the Pavilion demolition would be taking place in September.

  • Yes, yes they will. As responsible urban developers St Whole Foods is going to persuade us to walk back to our cars with our groceries.

    Just kidding! Actually they are putting in stacks of parking on multiple levels just like anyone else would do.

  • Traffic at that corner will be a disaster. It’s already bad. The parking lot can in no way be worse than the Rice parking lot across the street. The Woodway store will likely be a more convenient place to shop even if you live across the street from the San Felipe store.

    Interesting story on Eatzi’s. It was a great concept. We used them regularly to cater lunches for us. Here’s the problem. They would never send us a bill. We finally quit using them when we had eight outstanding bills for lunch that they could not seem to invoice us for. Mismanaged into the ground.

  • It’s so hilarious to hear Houstonians immediately complain about a perceived long walk to the their car in plans that have parking garages or a street to cross. At most of the largest grocery stores,(power centers,and malls too)you can walk the equivalent of two city blocks from the outer edges of the parking lots, but no one seems to notice that they are walking that far. We’ve parked in garages at Whole Foods stores in NY and California; it’s great. The stores themselves are often two story with elevators and escalators for the shopping carts. It’s awesome. Houstonians should welcome it; during the rainy season (if we ever have another one) and the three months of hellish heat, you get to park in covered spaces. What is there to complain about? Some people hate anything different I guess, even if they’ve never tried it.

  • Ugh. The thought of all that traffic… I used to work in those Stewart Title black office bldgs. Some days it took forever to get off Post Oak. Around the Christmas holidays it could take 40 minutes to get down Post Oak, take a left on Westheimer and a zig over to 610. Can’t imagine why they need (another) grocery store in that location.

  • The thing about parking across the street or even far away in one lot is the transfer of the actual groceries. I’ve been at the Weslayan Randalls and parked in the row in front of Walgreens, and had my cart lock up long before it could get to my car. Going back and forth between my cart and my car may have been nice exercise, but I don’t much like leaving a cart full of groceries unattended in a busy parking lot, and I also didn’t like leaving the empty and locked-up cart abandoned in the middle of the lot (It wouldn’t unlock when I tried to push it back, and I’m not capable of *carrying* a cart). Do you think Whole Foods would want/like/allow people to take their carts across the street? (Sure, fine, if you’re just buying a prepared sandwich or something. But if you’re buying 2 weeks of groceries for a family, or supplies for a dinner party, or something else that’s green-appropriate for the “you shouldn’t buy in bulk anyway” people, you have more than one hand can carry…)


  • Goodie, I’ll be parking my car in the shade on Post Oak rather than walk to the WF on Waugh.

    At least in August I will… 8-)

  • Good point, Jon. Thanks for the perspective.

  • why would you even try to hike across the street to park and cart (feel free to tack on in the heat, humidity and rain) if you have a 6 story parking garage designated for the WFs?
    I am pretty sure the parking across the street goes with the residential tower that is planned for the future. More than likely they won’t want shoppers and their carts there anyway. (also, carts locking up in higher end stores isnt typically a huge problem…i hope!) Cant wait for both of the new Whole Foods to open!

  • The last few years Eatzi’s was around it wasn’t nearly as good. Staff and food quality both took a nosedive.

    I detect a whif of bs from the Wulfe folks. This WF was supposed to break ground this spring as of only a few months ago. Now theyre telling random dudes off the street June and officially declaring September.

    Methinks they have a few more issues to iron out before they even think about beginning construction. Mark it……the old Pavillion will be standing this time next year.

  • The challenge will be remembering where you parked!

  • Walking distance from my place, great if they have dogie sitter system for shoppers.


    Hey right here is a site plan for blvd place and one of there main anchors is H&M also alot of other stores including Nike and Ralph Lauren and so many more what do u think?? I think this will be great for houston if this happens!! let hope Ed Wulfe can make this possible.


    Here is the website again some how it not working but here the link again

    if this dont work try this

    and click on site plan

  • all want to say is whole food company should improve on there working uniform and dress more professional pls.