Consumers Seek To Escape from Heavy Smog By Buying More Cars

CONSUMERS SEEK TO ESCAPE FROM HEAVY SMOG BY BUYING MORE CARS Meanwhile, in China: Unusually heavy smog levels led to disruptions across the country this morning. Beijing issued its first-ever Red Alert for unsafe air quality, shutting down schools and business across the capitol as particulate matter measurements topped out at 10 times higher than World Health Organization safety standards. National news agency Xinhua reported a deadly 33-car pileup in Shanxi province, exacerbated by poor visibility due to smog. On the East Coast, Hangzhou air traffic faced delays caused by smoggy conditions, which reduced visibility to 250 meters. Smog levels are expected to continue at today’s extreme levels for several more days. November smog is also thought to have contributed to a spike in car salesthe commonly held perception that air is cleaner inside a car is thought to be boosting vehicle purchases. Increased auto ownership in the past decade is ranked alongside coal-fired power plants as a leading cause of Chinese air pollution. [Independent, Xinhua, Bloomberg]

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