Converting NRG Stadium from Football to Basketball; Metro’s Highlights


Photo of the Uptown District: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Of course the apartment glut is going to get worse before it gets better. We’re just in the initial phase of the correction. Oil was only piece of a larger equation. FYI, the GHP’s projections for 2016 job growth are still too optimistic. Here’s why…

  • @Aaron, stahp. Enough with the cheesy used car salesman pitches and shameless links to drive traffic to your site. Seriously, Swamplot, how long are you going to let him advertise here for free.

  • Having endured HLS&R traffic for the last 2 months (it seems) now it’s the goddamn Final Four. Oh, but wait, according to that article reported here awhile back, NRG propinquity is raising my property values!!! Right?

  • Yeah, gotta agree with Commonsense here. It does come off a bit cheesy man.
    May of us on this board are ‘in the business’. I’m a licensed agent myself (though never admit it) and own a real estate firm. But pitching your stuff in comments is sort of bad form (IMO).

  • I just can’t for the life of me understand who he is pitching. That sort of chicken little commentary does not strike me as something I would want to hear my agent saying, so I don’t think it’s pitching a real estate business. I hope he’s not trying to become the next big economic analytical blog out there….the analyses are generally pretty bad (like not understanding Fed monetary policy, which seems to be his number one harping point).

  • I mean…seriously dude, the number one graph on your link has flat numbers of layoffs between Texas, Alaska, and Iowa. No need to actually normalize those numbers to the employment base or anything….
    Lol, and right under the graph you say “I have seen some egregious misrepresentations in major news media…”

  • @AAron Using another entity’s slides and slapping your logo on it does not make it yours- very dishonest and questions your credibility.

  • Agreed with all the above @Aaron. Repeatedly pushing your blog here is a nuisance/poor form.

  • If Mr. Layman really believes what he is espousing, I expect he will very soon sell any and all real estate holdings he has in the United States, move to Zurich, and convert all his liquid assets into Swiss Francs and/or gold. Otherwise, it’s just all BS.

  • Agree with Cody and Common, just make your statement and leave the link out.

  • Metro always singing it’s own praises while being a complete failure from the top down, clearly living in delusional land..

  • cm, How often to you use Metro?

    There’s already room for improvement but I’d hardly call it a “complete failure.” The big bus route change generally worked well, even though I’ve got a few more suggestions for Metro.

  • 5 days a week, commute from Oak Forest to the Galleria area, #47 route late 20-30 minutes plus daily, wastes countless hours of my time. Try telling anyone who rides the #82, #85, or #47 routes they’re not a complete failure. Good luck with that.