Corazon Is Leaving the Corner of Waugh and Fairview for Real This Time


Following “four or five 3-month lease extensions,” the landlord of 2318 Waugh Dr. dropped by Corazon last Friday to give the business its 30-days notice, reports store owner Chris Murphy. Its exit date is now set for November 20, a Tuesday, so final sales will take place the weekend before. Murphy says he’d been working to track down a new location for the store since learning it’d have to leave more than a year ago — but hasn’t had any luck. Barring any last-minute workable option, “we’ll reluctantly have to liquidate fixtures and retreat to various online platforms,” he says, in order to keep dealing guayaberas, Luca Libre masks, and other imports like the store has been doing since 1998. It’s shown around that year in the across-the-street photo above, which also gives a view of the landmark red dot on the building’s south side. (The taller building behind it occupies the same piece of land but was torn down in 2016.)

Next up for the 6,250-sq.-ft. parcel: a trio of townhomes. The landowner’s plan, says Murphy, “is to demolish the building immediately once we vacate,” and plant the new residences in a line like this along Fairview St.:


Photos: Corazon. Map: Houston Planning Commission

Towhomes Imminent

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  • Argh. Too bad about Corazon, but I was hoping for a taco truck instead of townhomes.

  • There goes the neighborhood… Oh wait, its been happening for awhile.


  • I still own a fine pair of Mexican leather sandals, bought at Corazon some 15 years ago.

  • This place sells stuff that can be found elsewhere in Houston at a quarter of the price but you don’t have to talk to or deal with those “sketch” minorities. Maybe this is sign that houstonians are wising up. Maybe he can go to Austin?

  • Adios Corazon. I predict by the time this trio is finished construction they will sit empty until the landowner is bankrupt. Or maybe like early 2009 they’ll sit half finished with exposed studs until the bank seizes them. Sorry buddy you’re too late, the music is stopping and there’ll be no chair for you to sit in.

  • FYI, you can check out the Red Dot Boys online; This one looks like their Red Dot No. 5.

  • For years I thought that place was a latino gay bar.

  • Many years ago a BATF agent came in and demanded that we prove it was not some kind of a clandestine speakeasy bar. Gave her the complete tour, and she had to agree, however incredibly, we were only in it for the artesanias.