County Attorney Strips Bikini Off FM 1960 Strip Center Babes

COUNTY ATTORNEY STRIPS BIKINI OFF FM 1960 STRIP CENTER BABES In the suit filed yesterday against the operator of strip club Babes North at 10610 FM 1960 just east of Jones Rd., Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan accuses the club, formerly known as the Bikini Wing Bar, of flouting the laws governing sexually oriented businesses. “Babes is not a bikini bar. It is a topless and bottomless den of prostitution and drug dealing.” Notably, the lawsuit is also directed at the owners of the pad site in the Cypress Plaza Shopping Center, PJM Properties — for not taking reasonable measures to prevent criminal activity on its premises. [Cypress Creek Mirror] Photo: Click2Houston

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  • WIsh they would shut them down and all the other clubs like this. Talking about bringing the neighborhood down!
    Did you see the undercover videos? WOW

  • Great job Harris County. BTW — I saw a jay walker on my street the other day. Maybe you can perform a sting and lock him up as well.

  • The Morals police is alive and well here in Texas and Iran.

  • Shut these disgusting places down. They are a disgrace to the city!

  • If prostitution and drug dealing were legal, like they should be between consenting adults, they wouldn’t take place in such skeezy establishments.

    You can’t eliminate a market for a product in demand.

  • “Babes is not a bikini bar. It is a topless and bottomless den of prostitution and drug dealing.”

    Reminded me of:

    “Mos Eisley spaceport: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

  • Are they going after the South, East, and West locations next? Stay tuned, SmutBusters!

  • If prostitution and drug dealing were legal, they would still take place in skeezy establishments. I take it you have never been to rural Nevada.

    Having spent plenty of time in the more rural parts of the Battleborn state I assure you that every settlement in the state, not in a completely mormon burg, outide of Vegas qnd Reno has at least one of these. Though they are legal and licensed, they are still skeezy.


  • They’re not hookers, they’re Sexual Gratification Technicians, please be politically correct.

  • Looks like this story won’t be having a happy ending….

  • It only takes basic knowledge of economics to know that if there is a demand, a supply with soon follow. Wish we could collectively acknowledge reality like grown-ups.

  • When adult wants to get their rocks off and have a liquid libation while doing so, I say LEGALIZE it all, tax it and have the county attorney focus on issues that REALLY impact the community. People have and always WILL have sex and drink.This is the Americanized version of the morals police in other uptight countries. Besides,if grown adults want to work at and patronize such skeezy,less than pristine establishments, let them.Personally, most strip clubs are cesspools of tacky decor,drugged out-worn out “dancers” and less than sanitary facilities. Buthey,they’re adults and that’s what they want to do. Law enforcement has far more serious crimes to go after. Institute a strip club /pole dancer tax / a bare boob tax / whatever the government wants to call them : fees/taxes. It would put desperately needed funds in government coffers.

  • It is beyond the time to crack down on the tit bar business here in Houston……. We have the largest Mega Church in the country yet the smiling Osteen keeps his mouth shut on the real issues like the slavery of women who feel forced to work as stripers to make ends meet. Maybe we could explore giving our children better options to make a living other than places like Treasures or even dumps like Twin Peaks…….. Really people? Have some shame!!!!

  • Does anyone realize that most “women” in the pornography or prostitution biz begin at the age of 12-14 years young? Oh, they might be dressed up to look older but don’t kid yourselves. Wonder if the John’s that solicite and contribute to sexual slavery would not have such a demand if they really understood the age of the “product” they are getting. Or maybe they are all just sicko pediphiles.