County’s Latest Sunken Car Fishing Expedition Reels In Jaguar, Mustang, Bronco, Eagle, More from Brays Bayou

A stolen Dodge Durango was the first car pulled out of Brays Bayou earlier this month as Harris County Flood Control and friends resumed work on removing some of the 100-plus sunken vehicles previously discovered gently rusting below the surface of a few of Houston’s major waterways. (The Nissan Maxima above was next in line.) Last year’s test run of the removal setup snagged a total of 20 cars out of Brays and Sims bayous; the contracts signed earlier this year for a new round of vehicle fishing budget for a catch of around 65 vehicles from the 2 bayous, depending on size and how much of a fight each one puts up. (Texas Equusearch did note back in its 2011 survey that at least one big rig is lurking somewhere in the watery depths, and some of the cars are more filled with mud and debris than others.)

The county says the new car count was up to 13 by the time work crews paused last week to let Cindy pass; a county worker also snapped photos showing off some of the haul, which has so far included a range of more and less easily identifiable makes and models including a Nissan Frontier, a Jaguar, a Ford Mustang, a Ford Bronco, an Eagle Talon, and others:


Photos: Harris County Flood Control District


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  • I would be really nervous about looking in those vehicles right after they are brought up. I’m definitely not opening the trunk.

  • I went for a bike ride on Brays last weekend. There were purple things floating in the middle that I hadn’t seen before, there were a lot of them. I figured that they were what vehicles divers had already found and were marked for extraction.
    Eagle talon. that’s got to be a rare vehicle in this day and age.