Craft Beer Brewing in EaDo; Uber’s Plan to Tackle Houston Congestion


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Uber’s experiment with daytime fixed-price fares
    Given the growing congestion inside the Loop, I think this is a great idea. For people visiting the medical center, they can Uber a round-trip from their hotel for probably less than the daily hospital parking cost. Same cost savings for locals visiting the hospital – and it could be very useful to those needing a lift home after surgery.
    The added western chunk (Katy Freeway out to BW8, then south to Westpark) is also a smart business move.

  • re: Uber – BW8 west to downtown is quite a haul at 8 in the morning. How is the driver, much less Uber, making any money on this? Also, how does this curtail congestion? Seems like this provides a alternative to expensive downtown or med-center parking, but without a carpool/rideshare option, I don’t get how it reduces cars on the road.

  • Uber’s gonna eliminate the driver in a few years with the driverless era. The fleets will be ready to plug into to the fare schemes being created now and be a preferred commute tool for many…and it’ll be a total hipster move to take jonnycab.

  • New patio homes in Spring Branch? Strange that the developer’s website shows honking 2-story Mactorians.
    The mid-loop is slowly becoming denser and will be this century’s creation.

  • Unless you opt to share your Uber ride with someone else also paying a fare, there is no way that Uber reduces congestion. Actually, it could be argued they add to road miles driven, since the car has to come from somewhere else to pick you up, and then, once you are dropped at your destination, it again drives on roads until it finds it’s next fare. Your own car sits in your garage until you leave, and then sits in a parking space at your destination. Seems Uber is trying to tell the “big lie” to get millennials to believe them.

  • In today’s world of activist environmentalism it is good to see common sense initiatives out there that partner with our #1 stewards of the land: our ranchers, farmers, and land owners.