Crane Now Spiking the Lot Next To Root Square Where a New Camden Tower Will Rise

A Swamplot reader holed-up in a hotel room at the Hilton Americas sends photos looking past Root Square and the Toyota Center to show the new tower crane being lifted on the site of the coming Camden Downtown apartment tower last weekend. Camden Property Trust broke ground on the 1.4-acre block adjacent to the Toyota Center’s garage at the end of last year. The finished tower will sit on the north side of the parcel — formerly a parking lot — on Bell St. between Austin and La Branch.

A rendering from architect Ziegler Cooper shows the 21-story building neighboring the parking garage and fronting the park:


Looking from the southeast corner of Root Square, you can see ground floor restaurant space with outdoor seating lining Bell St.:

A driveway that accesses the building’s parking garage sits on Bell as well, closer to the tower’s rounded western corner:

More ways in and out of the garage are around the bend, on Austin St.:

A 20,000-sq.-ft. amenity deck rests atop the middle of the block:

Photos: Swamplot inbox. Renderings: Ziegler Cooper


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