Crane Takes to the Air Above Future Site of Midtown’s Whole Foods, Pearl, and Parking Midrise Mashup

In other grocery-apartment-midrise news, the 2-story hole for the below-ground parking component of the planned Pearl-branded apartment midrise with built-in Whole Foods looks to have touched bottom, and a tower crane on the site has reached its full height. Some of the construction site’s fence decorations have been swapped out with newer renderings, too — the latest drawings show a zoomier design and a new color scheme (this one falling more in the slatey-grey-brown range, compared to the doughy yellows picked out for the older drawings):


The new view looking up Brazos St. toward Downtown:

Any remaining traces of the Social Security office formerly on the site appear to have been thoroughly excised:

Images: Ziegler Cooper (renderings), Swamplot inbox (photos)

Pearly Gates on Smith St.

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  • Boring architecture driven by BORING aka “safe” institutional lenders ( read pension plan / insurance companies / commercial banks) . Gerald Hines brought progressive,modern design to some of his buildings in the 1970’s. Go to Singapore-the architecture is “wild” by some people’s standards,but they’re boring people. And the snowflakes tenants won’t have to go outside to go to the downscale WFM -contrary to what WFM’s demographic consultant studies say. They’ll have their own elevator. And NO equity-just a hastily slapped together, all looks & image with NO character/charm and boring as hell ,OVERPRICED beehive living building. NO thank you !!!

  • “boring architecture”?

    People have been clamoring for “ground floor retail” for so long they don’t know how to be happy about it when they get it.

  • I think it looks nice. However I did think I was looking at the Buffalo Heights HEB for a moment, so the style may be a bit played out.