Crawfish Restaurant Boil House Gets Ready To Open on 11th St. in the Heights

Boil House Restaurant Under Construction, 606 E. 11th St., Houston Heights

Here’s a pic of the latest sign of the growing Heights-area crawfish swarm: The just-painted front of the former audio repair shop at 606 E. 11th St., just east of Oxford, showing the new home of Boil House. “A hot pinch of authentic Louisiana flavor” is offered in the wall sign just behind the spray-painted trashcan above, and the mudbugs are implied in the name of the company behind the venture: Boil House Crawfish, LLC. But don’t confuse this under-the-radar venture with the other crawfish restaurant setting up camp in nearby Shady Acres. Cajun spot The Boot just opened (on weekends only for now, it appears) in the former Shady Tavern spot at 1206 W. 20th St., between Bevis and Beall.

Photo: T.S. Noble

Cajun Heights

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  • Drove past this on the way to the hardware store yesterday, I wondered why I hadn’t heard about it!

  • I can’t wait for this to open as we need some decent crawfish in the heights since half of the neighborhood is from south Louisiana. BB’s is a crime against crawfish (seasoning goes in the pot, not on the outside shell with butter) and other bars/restaurants hire people on weekends only. Went to the Boot this weekend and they get 2 thumbs up. I hope the Boil House will offer them during the week with the ability to get 15 – 20 lbs. to take home and not cost an arm and a leg (still having property tax shock). Good luck to them and open sooner than later.

  • What are the parking requirements for a restaurant like this? This building has barely any parking. Kind of a terrible spot for a restaurant (let alone that it has no windows)…..

  • Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, just INSECTS for God’s sake. This joint looks like a place where people who eat insects would congregate.

  • Wonder if this means the two homeless regulars who hold down that porch step on a daily basis will be passing out napkins or moving along…?

  • JR: maybe they’re looking to serve locals who might walk or bike? If parking is a problem they’ll pay for it in lost business.

  • Permit on the door says it will be take out. Anyone looking for good Cajun around the Heights should head to Mozelle’s on Heights, next to the Art Car Museum.

  • Because it’s in the Heights and is following a fad, it will most likely be another place where people pay “white people prices” for crawfish. A friend of mine recently exposed me to the other color options, including some great spots in the Asian area (SW side) where you can get great Louisiana crawfish for half price or less, cash only, of course.

  • I used to frequent China Town while in highschool and college for some cheap and (I thought at the time) decent seafood. But have realized not all things are equal. The crawfish were not clensed prior to cooking so you get a lot of environmental contaminants and funny snail taste, fish are kept in water tanks with other sick fish and actually have visible signs of scale disease, and not to mention not so fresh products since Asian business culture does not allow for throwing away of expired products. So, paying “white people prices” is a form of insurance for your gastrointestinal tract.

  • If paying “white people prices” is inclusive of not having to spend gas and time to drive across town to an unfamiliar neighborhood to pay in cash for a few pounds of crawfish.. then I guess that makes me a sucker.


  • Mozelle has excellent gumbo. Good steam table of creole foods to go.

  • I heard they will have a drive through. That is awesome!