Crews Have Begun Clubbing the Memorial Club Apartments by the Washington Roundabout

Demolition of Memorial Club Apartments, 904 Westcott St., Rice Military, Houston

Cherry Demolition crews are attacking portions of the Memorial Club Apartments at 904 Westcott St. this morning. A tipster tells Swamplot the section of apartments on the east side of Westcott have been vacant for a few weeks, and that ovens, washers, dryers, and other appliances were hauled off last week.


Demolition of Memorial Club Apartments, 904 Westcott St., Rice Military, Houston

There are five 3-story structures on the east side of Westcott, where the demo is taking place, and another 4 on the west side of Westcott, which are still intact for now. Greystar bought the property early last year, and earlier this year announced plans to build a new complex called the Elan Memorial Park to replace it, in 2 phases: 292 apartments in one and 258 in the other. Renderings of the new development, designed by Meeks + Partners, show retail spaces on the ground floor of at least one of the structures:

Rendering of Proposed Elan Memorial Park Apartments, 920 Westcott St., Rice Military, Houston

Photos: Chris Durst (top); Greg Whitmire (middle). Rendering: Meeks + Partners

Tearing Down for Elan

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  • Aw… that was my first apartment after college. It was 1996 (? around), I paid $435 for a 650 sq foot apartment – and it had a pool! And central air! I remember watching Seinfeld and ER in that apartment – I’d have to rush home because I didn’t know how to program the VCR.

    In the neighborhood was a punk club – called the Abyss, I think, a hispanic strip-club called “Las Sirenitas”, a by the hour hotel, where really strung out looking people were always using the pay phones, bunch of used car lots and tortilla factories. Those things and the Wabash was Washington Ave. in the late 90s.

  • anyone know the occupancy numbers of the old building being demo’d? 5 x 3-story structures is a lot of apartments so just wondering if there’s a big change inthe total occupancy on this corner or if the new apts are just going be larger floor plans/luxury units.
    makes me feel old though, i remember buying something from someone in one of the west side units on craigslist about 9yrs ago.

  • Bye bye place I used to pay rent to back in 2002-2007; you were alright back then — thankfully 955 still exists. Was a steal to have hard woods and 2bed/baths for a mere $800. Miss the circle K, shipleys, and 50 cent a pound washateria.

  • I lived on that side for a few years. I really liked that apartment, just not my loud upstairs neighbor or his vocal girlfriend. I rode our hurricane Ike there, huddled in the stairwell drinking with the neighbors. My next door neighbor was a DJ. I was constantly banging on the wall telling him to turn it UP! Good times.

  • Why didn’t any one fight to protect the unique character of the neighborhood anon describes.

  • That was a good price in 1996, I was right out of college as well and chose the Creole on Yorktown, I paid 595 for 650 square feet. I actually thought that was expensive. I loved that place, I could run thru Tanglewood down Woodway to Memorial Park and run the Loop and back. I worked out at Q fitness/24 Hour Fitness on Post Oak. I could walk to the Galleria and we had a convenience store right across Yorktown. It makes me smile when I drive by The Creole, I’m so happy it’s still there. Rumor has it that Marvy Finger always had a soft spot for The Creole and that’s why it’s extant. Last I heard the rent was 1200+ for a 1 bedroom.

  • I moved in ’96 as well. Lived there until 2003. My rent went up from $450 to $515 in those 8 years. Thought I was getting screwed. They weren’t the nicest, but they were affordable and in a great location in regards to downtown and the park. The Abyss was right next door with the floor that sloped down so they could hose it down easier. I remember all the for sale signs on all the commercial property along Washington. Should have bought some for investment purposes.

  • good to know that the abyss is still fondly recalled from time to time. too early for me as I came of age in the Hands Up Houston heyday and pamland, but definitely miss the old Washington.

  • On the Arnot side of the circle, it will be 8 levels of residential sitting atop 2 levels of garage. 241 units with approx 24 of them penthouses – up to 3800SF! Posh but none bigger than 3-bdrm. Pool on the podium and sky lounge on the 10th floor.

  • To answer the question about the number of units, there are 356 total at Memorial Club, 200 on the 904 Westcott side, being torn down now, and 156 on the 955 side across Westcott. I worked in that office in the mid 90’s and back then people used to question whether or not to rent there because of the “sketchy” neighborhood behind it, Rice-Military.

  • You people paid a lot for your first apartments! I paid $626 for a 1-bedroom at Tanglewood Court…in 2010.

  • @Movocelot: Do you have any other information about the new construction? A timeline? If you have a link or pdf I’d love to see it.


  • Timeline – no I don’t have.
    I’m looking at recent design development plans that are fairly basic.