Cricket Trailer Takes It Offline

CRICKET TRAILER TAKES IT OFFLINE How’d the Cricket Trailer do in its national teevee debut last night on Extreme RV, the Travel Channel’s new show? Former furnituremaker-to-the-astronauts Garrett Finney didn’t get top billing in the episode for the second version of his unique 2-wheeler pop-top vehicle, painstakingly crafted in his Woodland Heights workshop — that prize went to Simon Cowell’s behemoth 45-footer motor home. Still, the Cricket website attracted enough attention from the RV early adopter crowd to knock it off its server. From the Cricket’s Facebook page, Finney promises it’ll be back online soon. Update, 1/31: It’s back in business. [Previously on Swamplot]

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  • Funny. I saw that show for the first time the other night and it happened to be that one.
    Cool to see some local guy in the spotlight. I hope his little creation does well. It’s not really for me but I’m sure if priced right there’s a market.

  • I visited the website and am rather annoyed that I can’t see a price without having to give my name and e-mail address first. I understand the reasoning behind this, but I find it annoying. I’ll be in the market for something like this in a couple of years, but that’s just the kind of thing to make me look for another option! A quick Google search lead me to another website that states that they start at $9995. Seems a bit pricey for a less polished version of an R-pod.

  • For security reasons I require a self-contained unit and not a towable; therefore I would love to work on a unit with you using the innovations incorporated into a customized rv chassis.