Crowne Plaza Demolition Party Report: All Your Pics and Videos

Crowne Plaza Hotel Demolition, Texas Medical Center, Houston

Looks like Sunday morning’s Crowne Plaza Hotel implosion at the Medical Center was a real party! We have reader reports and pics, plus a roundup of video and images from around the web — all after the jump.


A Swamplot reader writes in with this gushing report:

I’ve been to a lot of building demos, but this one was over the top. I don’t know if it was supposed to be a private event or what, but I stumbled into a parking lot next to the Holiday Inn where maybe 500 people were gathered. It looked like a street festival. Cherry Demolition had food and coffee and drinks. They made you wear a nametag, and they gave out free hats, ear plugs, dust masks, plus sticks of dynamite candy for the kids! I didn’t try any, but someone said it was hot tamales. Here’s a picture:

Dynamite Bites Candy Handed Out by Cherry Demolition at Crowne Plaza Hotel Demolition

I couldn’t believe it. I half expected to find someone handing out brochures, something like “How To Get Your Child Interested in a Career in Demolition.”

Also, it looks like a few poeple took your advice about renting a room at the Holiday Inn to watch the demo. These guys were taking cellphone pics from their window:

Crowne Plaza Hotel Demolition Watchers at the Holiday Inn

There must have been a great party on the hotel roof, too — you can see peoples arms dangling over the edge.

Roof Party at Holiday Inn for Crowne Plaza Hotel Demolition

After the building went down, the cloud of dust went right toward us. It was nasty, and kind of reminded me of all those famous pictures of people covered in ash in NYC though obviously nowhere near as bad. There wasn’t any ashes, though, just maybe a little asbestos. Can’t wait for the next one!

Note to non-Houstonian readers: Cherry Demolition isn’t a band. It’s the real name of the demo company.

And now, just a few videos:

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[youtube: 400 330]

[youtube: 400 330]

And this nice one from the Chronicle:

Pics from around the demoweb:

Flickr photosets here, here, here, and here.

Got more? Send them and maybe we’ll add them to this post.