Cy Twombly, 1928-2011

CY TWOMBLY, 1928-2011 Famed scribbler and smudger Cy Twombly died earlier today in Rome after a battle with cancer. He was 83. A ceiling painting created by the shy former army cryptologist for the Louvre opened to the public just last year. In 1995, a permanent exhibition of his works opened in Renzo Piano’s quiet addition to the Menil Collection at 1501 Branard St. in Montrose. [Arts Beat] Photo: Stephen Bridges

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  • I just don’t understand the admiration of this artist.
    Most of Twombly’s works are pleasant and graphically simple, but, sorry, ‘my child COULD do this’ in fact (to respond to one devotee.)

  • one of my all time favorite artists…
    RIP, Cy…you did something special & unique & will be missed.

  • Movocelot, let’s see your kid’s work, then.

  • From Meredith Rollins, “Put aside the fact that these works are masterfully, gorgeously drawn, … Let’s put that aside. Let’s say you could paint these. You wouldn’t. You didn’t. You’d never imagine expressing yourself like this. This is passion and precision, this is a clear and beautiful way of looking at the world. This is inviting the audience in to your way of thinking, giving them an experience that engulfs them-and fearlessness about putting it out there in the first place. You don’t have to like this; you don’t even have to think it belongs here. But you can’t dismiss it by saying that you could have done it.”

  • Actually your child could do this, if he was a genius, which of course he isn’t, because we would have heard of his great paintings by now. Sorry that your kid is so dumb – sadzies!

  • Ok Mel and Scott, I’ll bring it.
    Name the place and time; my kids’ stuff is awesome.

  • Cool, movocelot!