Cyclone Anaya’s Next To Open on Hanover’s Rice Village Ground Floor

Retail on the Morningside side of Hanover’s Rice Village mixed-use complex seems to be filling up: A reader sends this photo of signage for Cyclone Anaya’s, the Mexican kitchen named for the Mexican wrestler. It appears that the local chain restaurant will go in a few doors down from the walk-thru pizza window of Coppa Osteria, now open on the corner of Morningside and Dunstan, and, as this photo shows, right next to Chris Leung’s not-quite-ready Cloud 10 Creamery.


Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Cyclone Anaya always attracts a certain questionable crowd, I’ll stick to Escalantes.

  • “certain questionable crowd”? commonsense won’t be at Cyclone Anaya’s?

    Hey, I loved their old place in the Heights–so I’ll check out the new one!

  • Questionable crowd? lol. like who? Young urban professionals??

  • The ground floor retail so far here is all foodie fun places. Is there a restaurant bubble?

  • I prefer “questionable crowds.” They are much more fun to be around than people who prefer their cops in jackboots.

  • Apparently people who ride bikes (or walk) go to Cyclone Anayas. (shudder)

  • I think questionable means “diverse” as in the cyclone’s crowd in midtown..

  • DanaX – it is not all restaurants. There is a massage/hair removal place in there.

  • Cyclone Anaya’s > Escalante’s

  • Cyclone Anaya’s

  • Ihd, as someone who lives right down the street, the development here is 95% restuarant, 5% retail. The stone massage business is the exception. Regardless, my wife and I ate at Coppa yesterday and we were disappointed. I know they are probably still working out the bugs, but service was disjointed and the food sub-par and expensive. Rice Village has a number of great eating venues with reasonably priced food. Unfortunately, until Coppa can justify the 20-25% premium on their entrees, we will continue to choose D’Amico’s for value or Prego’s for special occassions.

  • From mollusk: I prefer “questionable crowds.” They are much more fun to be around than people who prefer their cops in jackboots.”
    I’m curious as to your reply. What do you think commonsense was implying?

  • @Cody, his reference to Cops in Jackboots is from my earlier post liking the cops in Memorial Villages and their (desired from my point of view) actions that would make the Stasi blush.
    I like watching everybody assume what the vague Questionable Crowd statement means, it reveals a great deal about what prejudices and assumptions they hold and how militant they are about them.

  • They have their race cards ready to fling at a moments notice.