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  • I guess the realtor thinks the swimming pool is the focal point of the listing. This house is also the first time I have seen two sinks and vanities of differing heights in a bathroom.

  • And that little decoration on one end of the pool looks like a headstone to me. I looked up the words on it. According to Google, it’s something like God’s been good to me.

  • A tree. A tree. My kingdom for a tree.

  • God has been good.

  • I think it’s kind of sweet, but plant some trees for God’s sake. HE will bless you for that.

  • Aye-yay-yayyy.

  • I kinda dig that place. But where is Cypress at?

  • This is Cypress. Speak Americun.

  • They couldn’t decide between putting this phrase above their swimming pool or on the back window of their pick-up trucks. Swimming pool won. The grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe is probably on the back side of the wall.

  • What is the “design shape” of the swimming pool supposed to be?

    And while I’m not against tile floors, having all of them tiled seems a bit severe.

  • Is that the swimming pool formerly known as Prince? The two vanity heights are either for kids of different ages sharing the bathroom or someone in a wheelchair.

  • Pye, Surely you are no stranger to the kidney shaped pool? This one is a pancreas.

  • Boring. Boring. Boring. Someone plant a tree, for pete’s sake.

  • The place has 4 bedrooms, and yet we get pics of just one. Then we get multiple shots of a ho-hum bathroom or two. Where is the “spectacular”?

  • House is over priced every thing inside that house in builder grade other than the kitchen. The house in $150k to $200k with a $40k to $50k pool

  • @Harold,

    Of course, how did I miss that!

  • Gift ribbon is tied around the towels in one of the bathrooms. Really?

  • @ Susan – Gift wrapped towels are the latest in staging.

  • That’s in the northern part of Stablewood Farms – where KB Home built. The gazebo-covered pool inlet is kinda cool. Different. The “Dios” wall looks like a subdivion entrance. I’m more concerned about the balcony add-on…that’s a big ‘ol water intrusion disaster waiting to happen.

  • God has been good, or the congregation at the homeowners church has been good to him? hmmm

  • It just looks hot without trees. So hot that they planted umbrellas. I have lived in a tree-less neighborhood and I vow to never do it again. It will be thirty years until the neighborhood has a soul. These neighborhoods won’t mature in an elegant way like Nottingham Forest, Fleetwood, Barker’s Landing and Nottingham Country have.

  • And the relative pricing for this house is so out of whack with the neighborhood that it will be a tough sell at 230k, much less 270k.