Building Around 1 Cemetery and Possibly Over Another in Cypress’s Alden Woods

BUILDING AROUND 1 CEMETERY AND POSSIBLY OVER ANOTHER IN CYPRESS’S ALDEN WOODS Site Plan for the Alden Woods Development, Huffmeister Rd., Cypress, TX 77429 “I said to the county attorney’s representative, this looks like the spot, this looks like a cemetery,” University of Houston anthropology professor Ken Brown told ABC 13’s Ted Oberg, discussing a visit two years ago to the land currently being developed as the Alden Woods subdivision. Darling Homes is developing the 70-acre tract off Huffmeister Rd., just north of the intersection with Maxwell Rd. in Cypress, into a gated community of 3,000-to-5,000-sq.-ft. homes with interior courtyards. Brown investigated another old cemetery on the land for the Harris County Historical Commission; neighbors took him to a site on the other side of the project area rumored to be the burial ground of the slaves held by nearby landowners (some of whom are thought to be buried in the graveyard Brown was sent to check out). The landowner’s cemetery got legal protection from development with the help of the county attorney’s office and still sits in a forested area in the subdivision. The slave cemetery site was not further investigated archaeologically, despite the alleged presence of an employee of the attorney’s office on the site with Brown as he identified groups of east-west-oriented depressions which “[suggested] family type plots within a cemetery.” A statement from the Harris County Attorney’s Office to ABC13 says that the office will now work with the subdivision’s developer to investigate the site. [ABC13] Alden Woods site plan: Darling Homes

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  • Someone didnt learn from the 1980’s documentary: Poltergeist

  • Pics of Sheila Jackson Lee on the site screaming “postmortem racism”, or it didn’t happen.

  • I thought the same thing as Purdueenginerd!
    Don’t just move the headstones but leave the bodies – you’ll regret that “cost-saving” move.

  • Uh oh..Now Harris Couunty got caught trying to cover its ass after trying to let yet another developer “Poltergeist” another cemetary. Won’t live anywhere near there. The spirits get pissed when developers mess with their burial places..

  • Before buying here, I’d suggest you watch the old, classic movie Poltergeist.

  • Man, the apartments on West Dallas weren’t even on the cemetery, and look what happened there.

  • Ever run into a situation where the old-timers in an older neighborhood REALLY REALLY do not want to have a new development built on the property backing up to their houses and will do and say anything they can to stop the project? This sounds like that type of case.