Cypress Vacations at Home: Take the A-Frame

A Swamplot reader asks: “I wonder if there’s a big market for $344k A-framed houses with cavernous looking rooms and green (oh yes, green to match the pine trees!) carpet?” Well, when times are tough, a resourceful family might want to look into saving some of that hard-earned dough by taking its summer vacation . . . at home!

This 3,944-sq.-ft. 1977 home on more than 1.3 acres in Tower Oaks features 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, a carpeted spiral stair, and a half-carpeted kitchen bar. You’ll save on siding maintenance, too!


Look closely at the kitchen. Where are all the cocktail glasses hiding?

In the secret pull-down bar:

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  • This house is absurd. But I love it. Obviously not for everyone, but I sincerely hope that this is the perfect house for someone.

  • You have got to be fecking kidding me.

  • It needs a few interior updates, but I really like this house. It looks like it has a nice cozy feel.

  • I love it. It would be like living in a treehouse.

  • for that price and the updates it needs it is not worth it… family with kids or older retired people would ever want those awful spiral stairs …i have a feeling this will be for sale for a loooong time and be reduced a lot…it is a nice place though..for the right price

  • Looks like it has been lowered to $320k, still a little high in my opinion. This is one of those love it or hate it houses. With a few updates it would probably appeal to more people, either way, its a very interesting design.

  • Aw, I love this house…it makes me feel like a kid again! Where else can one find instant time travel to Northern California ca. 1971? Of course there were no giant-screen TV’s back then to jam into the awkward corners of this pointy cabin in the pines.

  • Running the carpet up the bar front and fining a matching velvet-esque chair is inspired. I cannot tell, but still my beating heart if the carpet is shag!!!

  • I’ve always had a soft spot for A-Frame houses (and geodesic dome ones too). For our area, they are great for hurricanes.

    Obviously a little updating is needed and yes the spiral staircase would have to go. I love the cocktail glasses coming from the ceiling. Neat use of the space for items that may not be used all the time.

  • With the right furnishings, this place could be absolutely shagadelic.

  • The listing agent on this one absolutely has to have some of the more interesting conversations on this gem. This really has to be one of the more fascinating listings.

  • Outstanding… this place just needs a few new touches and would look great with mid-century furniture.

  • Oh my gosh, as soon as I saw that I knew it was Tower Oaks! I had a friend in high school that lived in that neighborhood and both the a-frame and the spiral staircase were a highlight in her house too.

  • Oh that is just fantastic. I lurv it. Bet they used to rock the Bacharach on that electric piano back in the day. Can you imagine how fun it would be to decorate that place?!

  • I love this house, too bad it is not on a lake. It is like stepping back in time to my childhood. I would love to see it.

  • It looks like there are two stairways, so not to worry about getting stuck on the spiral.

  • This is the perfect place for the Swamplot Social Aid and Pleasure Club World Headquarters. Alas, it is still a private home.

  • Well, time for an update on this fascinating home. I feel bad for the owners at this point…

    It has been listed 4 times since July 2008, and expired all 4 times.

    They started at a price of $350K, which was a bit overpriced in my opinion.

    This last listing, however, had come all the way down to $240K, which is a reasonable price for a home of this size and with this much land, in Tower Oaks.
    Obviously, though, this is not a cookie cutter house, and needs JUST the right buyer…

    ~a Tower Oaks neighbor