Daily Demolition Report: Air Duct Clearing

What can we unmake of these?


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2017 Sunset Blvd.: HAR

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  • That sunset house makes me sad.

  • the ashland warehouse makes me glad.

  • Before demo are these houses usually stripped ? id be interested in the windows and whatnot, but not really sure on what approach to take or are they already vouched for from scrappers?

  • Wow, that was a nice-looking place.

  • The Snset Blvd. house is just outside the historic district. Sold for just over 1 mil last year. Bookmark this one for teardown of the year.

  • The loss of the Sunset house pisses me off. And, before someone comes along and tells me that if I wanted to save it I should have bought it myself; been there done that. I restored a 1920s Sunset house that was being sold for “lot value” only and brought her back to life.

  • Hooray for the Ashland demo. WhatEVER goes in cannot be worse than having that in your neighborhood. How big a parcel and wonder how much they paid for it?