Daily Demolition Report: All Is Not Lost Darling

Come clean. You’ll feel a whole lot better afterward.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1617 Hewitt Dr.: HAR

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  • Seriously, are there any houses left in 77018????

  • Yes, there are a shrinking number of the “originals” left in Garden Oaks. The ones that have been vacant for a number of years while the owner has been in a nursing home, and the long time rentals, etc. are going fast for lot value. But there are still a number of well maintained originals, and soundly remodeled (often with additional square footage added) older homes that may be around for a while.

    Question for swamplot readers: Will neighborhoods like Garden Oaks and Oak Forest ultimately go to essentially 100% new construction, or will there be a market – perhaps a premium market – for the well preserved, well maintained original homes?

    (Yes, I am aware this is Houston.)

  • @Ms_Msry: Yes !

  • The tear down and rebuild trend has been going on in earnest in West U since the late 1980’s and they still aren’t done with West U. Bellaire started not much later and they still have a ways to go.

    Garden Oaks has decades to go.